Driving performance with My Inner Strenx®
Driving performance with My Inner Strenx®

Driving performance with My Inner Strenx®

Ready to take your performance to new heights? SSAB’s My Inner Strenx® program is for OEMs with a proven track record of producing equipment that outperforms using Strenx® performance steel.

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My Inner Strenx® – a sign of excellent performance

Innovative thinking drives performance

When you spot the My Inner Strenx® sign on trailer chassis, mobile or loader cranes, aerial work platforms or any other equipment, you know it’s from a manufacturer who is committed to innovative design, state-of-the-art manufacturing and outstanding performance. Only products that are certified according to strict My Inner Strenx® specifications are allowed to carry this sign.

Performance on a global scale

Manufacturers in the My Inner Strenx® program come from across the world. With more than 140 members in 40 countries, your needs for high-performance equipment are covered. Certified My Inner Strenx® products are available in lifting, transportation, agriculture and other sectors that benefit from strong and light load-bearing equipment.

Strenx® for transport equipment

Strenx® for transport equipment

Every transportation company is looking to haul more load with less fuel. All kinds of My Inner Strenx® certified trailer chassis offer an excellent load-to-weight ratio.

Driving performance with My Inner Strenx® trailer by Acoplados Salto

Acoplados Salto – Dry bulk trailers haul in savings and drive profits

Since Acoplados Salto started to use Strenx® performance steel for its grain semi-trailers and dry bulk trailers, the company has seen both demand and sales grow.

Mantella trailer chassis design in Strenx® 960 Plus steel breaks new ground

“By lowering fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions per ton kilometer, we’re contributing to a more sustainable world.” Gregorio Mantella, plant director at Mantella.

Strenx® for lifting equipment

Strenx® for lifting equipment

Meet performance and safety demands with My Inner Strenx® certified mobile cranes, truck-mounted loader cranes, aerial work platforms and other lifting equipment.

Driving performance with My Inner Strenx® concrete pump by Betonstar

Betonstar – Strenx® offers a concrete solution for lighter, more durable concrete boom pumps

“We love using this material because it gives us high-quality results in production while cutting, welding and bending.” Erol Yıldız, Factory Manager at Betonstar.

Driving performance with My Inner Strenx® truck-mounted aerial lift by Horyong

Horyong – Strenx® steel for tallest aerial lifts and ladder cars in South Korea

“We use Strenx® steel to be able to follow the current global trend, which is making equipment lightweight.” Park Cheol, Sales Manager at Horyong.

Strenx® for agriculture equipment

Strenx® for agriculture equipment

Light and strong agriculture equipment is a win-win proposition in farming. Plow, plant, spray and harvest with less effort and less soil compacting.

Equalizer – Striking a balance with Strenx® performance steel

“A farmer can plant 50 hectares more per hour with this machine. At the same time, one can save roughly 420 liters of diesel fuel for an entire planting season.” Nicholas Davies, Production Director at Equalizer.

Kesla – Harvesting better profitability with Strenx® steel

Forestry equipment manufacturer Kesla relies on Strenx® steel for ease of fabrication, reliable performance even in freezing conditions and a high equipment resale value.

Driving performance

Being a member of My Inner Strenx® brings many advantages to companies with a drive to make the best possible products using Strenx® performance steel. My Inner Strenx® aims to support the development of high-performance equipment through collaboration between OEMs and SSAB. By working together with SSAB’s specialists in designing and manufacturing using high-strength structural steel, your products – and your business – will benefit.

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