Results show SSAB Americas EPDs are industry leading in lower environmental impacts when compared to the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) steel industry data and the Buy Clean California Act (BCCA) threshold limits. 

SSAB’s EPDs release coincided with an announcement from the White House last week on its "Buy Clean" initiative to focus on the purchase of more environmentally sustainable products, including steel and concrete, for government-funded construction and other projects.

“SSAB Americas has always taken a leading position as it pertains to environmental sustainability. We are committed to utilizing a data driven, science based approach to support our strong environmental message,” said Chuck Schmitt, president of SSAB Americas. “Through our EPDs, we further solidify our position as the leader in the sustainability journey.”

As part of SSAB Americas on-going commitment to create a stronger, lighter and more sustainable world, the certified EPD results demonstrate the long-term beneficial focus of SSAB Americas environmental sustainability. It also provides a response to requests from our key stakeholders, including customers, suppliers and the political and investment communities about SSAB Americas-produced steel’s environmental impact.

SSAB Americas Environmental Director Jon Howley added,  “This is an opportunity to understand a product’s unique sustainability story with all relevant details regarding SSAB’s prioritized sustainability efforts and facility direct emissions reductions that are reflected in one cohesive document.”

An EPD is an independently verified document that provides transparent, comparable information about the environmental impact of products from the lifecycle perspective. UL Environment verified SSAB’s U.S. EPDs as part of a six-month process that started with the development of applicable Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) for associated SSAB facilities.  

With the EPDs focus on SSAB’s Americas operations, Senior Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer Jeff Moskaluk said, “SSAB Americas operations are the solution for a sustainable supply chain. Our EPDs greatly exceed all industry requirements such as Buy Clean California Act.” 

To view SSAB's North American EPDs, go to:

Steel Plate – Alabama and Iowa mills combined

Steel Coil – Alabama and Iowa mills combined

Advanced High Strength Steel – Alabama mill (Iowa does not produce this type of steel)

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