Why will fossil-free steel be important for the Automotive Industry?

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In this webinar we will cover your questions about: How does SSAB plan to produce fossil-free steel and why are we doing this?, Why will fossil-free steel be important for the Automotive Industry?, How will this project affect the Docol steel grades of today?, What is SSAB’s timeline for the fossil-free steel production?, Are there any automotive applications, today, that would be ideal for fossil-free steel?, SSAB aims to be the first steel company in the world to offer fossil-free steel to the market, already in 2026. This is a way for us to assure future sustainability for our customers' business.

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Thomas Hörnfeldt

Vice President Sustainable Business, SSAB

Thomas has unique insights in how to incorporate sustainability into the business model of the organization. He has an MSc from Stockholm Technical University and an MBA from Uppsala University. He has vast experience in general management & sales, market intelligence as well as sustainability.



Thomas Müller

Head of Automotive Business Development, SSAB

Thomas Müller is head of the Business Development Team for Automotive at SSAB. Thomas has a MSc in mechanical engineering and has been working with formability of high strength steel for many years.