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SSAB Product Engineering service offers product innovation and project management throughout your entire product development cycle. Bring us your product idea and our SSAB team will seamlessly turn it into a functional model, ready for prototyping and serial production.

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Engineered to shorten your time-to-market

For several decades, companies have taken advantage of SSAB’s local technical expertise when designing, forming, joining and EcoUpgrading their products with our advanced high strength steels (AHSS).

Now, SSAB also offers project management and execution to go from your product idea all the way to virtual and physical prototyping and preparation for serial production. These comprehensive development services shorten your product cycle, reducing costs, reducing time-to-market, and enabling accelerated innovation in your company — since you can now focus on more valuable tasks, such as future product ideas.

Speed up your product development and boost competitiveness through SSAB services

  • Turnkey engineering of your ideas into fully functional products, leveraging our expertise in advanced high strength steels
  • Agile and robust product development backed by comprehensive computer simulations (CAD, FEM) by our team of AHSS design and manufacturing experts
  • Reverse engineering using laser scanning, followed by the optimization of the wear life of components based on DEM (Discrete Element Method) simulations
  • Evaluation of welded structures, writing of the Welding Procedure Specification (WPS), and specifying post-weld treatments (HFMI)
  • Design and fabrication of component storage and welding jigs
  • Determining the actual loads and fill factor of your equipment using DEM
  • Delivering complete CAD drawings for manufacturing and assembly, ensuring seamless production from the start

Leverage these product development advantages

We provide the fastest and best development services available for premium steel-based products.

Lean design process

For your project, we’ll create an SSAB Engineering team comprised of advanced high strength steel specialists who are experts in AHSS design, CAD simulations, and fabrication/production processes. This lean, multi-disciplinary team minbly speeds through product design iterations based on your input and their AHSS insights and knowledge base of our steels.

Design for manufacturability (DFM)

All design proposals are designed with manufacturing in mind, enabling production efficiency, repeatability, and quality assurance.

Leveraging new technologies to maximize AHSS properties

Starting with the design phase, SSAB leverages the latest in proven AHSS technologies, including DEM simulations and post-weld treatments like HFMI.

Upgrade from SSAB’s standard technical offer to turnkey product development

As an SSAB customer, you already have access to on-site tech support, expert advice in structural design, forming, joining, production efficiency — as well as opportunities to outsource the supply of parts and kits. Now, SSAB offers the ability to manage your entire product development project, going from your concepts to manufacturing drawings in a very short time.

Investments in early product development are the most important

With R&D departments across the world facing the increasing demand for innovative new products — as well as faster product life cycles — SSAB is your product acceleration partner. SSAB Product Engineering’s unique and lean development method assures you of the best combination of AHSS design optimization, manufacturability, and cost efficiencies. Together we can develop entirely new possibilities for stronger, lighter, and more sustainable steel products and engineered solutions.

Beginning with your perspectives and goals as an OEM, SSAB Product Engineering works to find potential improvements to your product portfolio. Then, we allocate specialized engineers to support your new product development process. This early-stage cooperation, combined with SSAB’s unique and lean development methodology, gives you a big head start — significantly reducing time-to-market and costs.

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SSAB Product Engineering