Truck on road.
Truck on road.

High quality flat bars made from Strenx® steel for structural applications

Prefabricated flat bars from SSAB Services are made from high-quality, high-strength Strenx® 700MC steel in sizes commonly used for beams (e.g., I-beams), flanges, webs, and many other demanding, load-bearing structures such as trailer chassis. Additional high-strength SSAB steel grades can also be specified as custom structural flat bars from our worldwide network of SSAB Steel Service Centers.

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Higher quality flat bars, made to tighter tolerances

Our structural steel flat bars can be made from either our Strenx 700MC or Strenx 700MC Plus steel. SSAB makes flat bars to higher tolerances than conventional steel flat bars – and we can make them in a large range of dimensions. Additional sizes and SSAB grades not listed here are available upon request.

Illustration showing flat bars in trailer.
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Ready to assemble, high-strength structural steel flat bars

Technical data for high-strength flat bars in Strenx 700MC

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    Property Value Remarks
    Length, maximum 12 300 mm Longer lengths possible with special transport
    Width, minimum 110 mm  
    Flatness tolerance 6 mm/m 3 mm/m by special agreement
    Straightness tolerance 1 mm/m  
    Length tolerance -0/+20 mm  
    Width tolerance -1.5 / +1.5 mm Width range of 120 to 150 mm
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      Advantages of structural steel flat bars from SSAB Services

      SSAB flat bars in Strenx 700MC or Strenx 700MC Plus can be readily welded into larger structural components, such as I-beams.

      Offer lighter trailers with the same load capacity

      The high strength-to-weight ratio of flat bars made from Strenx 700MC steel gives OEMs the ability to offer lighter trailers, with better overall fuel efficiency, and higher load-carrying capacities, for increased revenue for their customers.

      Speed up your production while reducing inventory and scrap

      With narrower tolerances and excellent mechanical and cold-forming properties, structural steel flat bars made from Strenx 700MC let your workers set-up and weld faster than before. Because flat bars from SSAB Services are provided in “trailer sizes,” you eliminate both cutting and scrap, while reducing inventory needs. Let our flat bars help you reduce your total production costs while upgrading the structure of your products.

      Strenx performance steel: think thinner, get stronger

      To meet your industry’s productivity and sustainability challenges, you need to take your products to a new level. With Strenx performance steel, you can think thinner while getting stronger.

      Why choose high-strength steel flat bars from SSAB?

      Truck driver.

      For end-users

      • Lower tare weight for reduced fuel consumption
      • Increased payload for higher revenue and profit
      Purchaser in warehouse.

      For purchasers

      • Increase cost-efficiency
      • Reduce or eliminate scrap
      Designer working at desk.

      For designers

      • Tested and verified to reduce weight for a more attractive end product
      Production manager in workshop.

      For production managers

      • Free-up workshop capacity
      • Increase production efficiency
      Bending plate in the work shop.

      Take advantage of our custom steel services

      By combining SSAB premium products and our experience in engineering support and steel processing, you get a service that is hard to match. So ask us about cutting, bending, drilling and machining capabilities. Together we can determine where SSAB offers the best value-added, so you can focus less on issues like steel inventories and more on bringing products to market faster.

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