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Roll-formed top rails

SSAB Shape offers high quality roll-formed top rail solutions,
including our generic top rail design made from Strenx® Performance Steel,
for greater durability, workshop capacity and cost efficiency.

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A better way to produce

top rails from high strength steel

Through a, single-line roll-forming process developed specifically for high strength steel, SSAB Shape has improved upon the traditional press brake production method. Roll formed top rails from SSAB Shape are delivered ready-made and on a serial production scale with greater surface quality and narrow cross section tolerances – including all benefits of Strenx® 700 MC.


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Roll-formed top rails give you:

  • Ready-made components on a serial production scale
  • Increased capacity in your workshop
  • Better cost-efficiency
  • Good cross-section accuracy
  • High resistance to dents and wear through Strenx® 700 high strength steel
  • Very narrow straightness tolerances

Perfect for tippers and containers

Ready-made top rail solutions from SSAB Shape provide you with components designed specifically for tippers and containers and made from Strenx® 700 MC high strength steel. The designs are tested and verified, and provide a high quality top rail that allows for a lighter, tougher and more competitive end product. With SSAB Shape you also have the possibility to receive tailor-made top rails from Strenx® 700 MC and other grades of SSAB high strength steel.

Why roll formed top rails?

For Purchasers

Save time by purchasing from stock

Increase cost-efficiency

Reduce or eliminate scrap

For Designers

Tested and verified

Optimized high strength steel design

Better surface finish

For Production Managers

Excellent cross-section accuracy

Free-up workshop capacity

Increase production efficiency

Free up capacity and boost competitiveness

With our unique roll forming process, SSAB Shape can offer high volume and cost-efficient production of top rails, while allowing you to purchase directly from stock. You benefit by the ability to free up capacity in your workshop, while reducing production times. These advantages, combined with a design that fully utilizes the unique characteristics of high strength steel, allow you to provide customers with an end product that will stand out from the competition.

Roll-formed top rail solutions

Standard dimensions from stock

  • Thickness: 4 mm, Length: 6000 mm, 6500 mm and 9000 mm
  • Thickness: 5 mm, Length: 6500 mm and 9000 mm

For more information regarding technical specifications, download the top rail datasheet or fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Customized top rails

  • Choose from a wide range of grades
  • Specialized tech support for adapting your drawings to roll forming
  • 50 ton/year minimum

For suggestions or support in finding the right top rail solution for your tipper or container, don’t hesitate to get in touch with SSAB Shape in the form below.


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