Hook lift frame kit – up to 30% lighter and 60% faster assembly

SSAB’s hook lift frame kit consists of precision laser-cut Strenx® 700MLH tubes and cold-formed, high-strength steel profiles made of Strenx 700MC D. The engineer-verified and field-tested design offers a stronger and lighter alternative to traditional hook lift frames, which typically use standard, hot-rolled mild steel sections.

Complete kit to build your hook lift frames

You simply weld together the components of the SSAB assembly kit to build a complete hook lift frame. Even though the frame is up to 30% lighter than traditionally built frames, it still has maximum load capacity of 20.000 kg over a 6.0 m length.

The assembled frame can then be used as a base for building hook lift tippers, containers, and similar heavy-duty, material-handling equipment. SSAB Services can also supply other prefabricated parts for your hook lift container or tipper, including floor plates, top rails, sidewalls, and integrated top rails/sidewalls.

Truck with hook lift frame.
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Hook lift frame assembly kit

Advantages of hook lift frame kits from SSAB Services

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Lighter frames give your hook lift tipper/container a competitive edge

Weighing up to 30% less than conventional hook lift frames, your customers will save fuel while being able to carry more payload for higher revenues.

Assemble frames up to 60% faster

Our laser-cut components enable more precise fitment, for a faster, more efficient frame assembly. Weld beads are reduced by up to 70%, meaning less distortion and therefore less need for straightening after welding.

Welding and other recommendations

Welding, bending, and machining recommendations are found in SSAB’s handbooks at www.ssab.com or consult Tech Support, [email protected]. For the SSAB hook lift frame kits, be certain to follow all assembly instructions, in particular the pre-assembly and welding sequences.

Why choose the SSAB hook lift frame solution?

Truck driver.

For end-users

  • Reduced weight means greater payloads and higher revenues
  • Reduced weight also increases your overall fuel efficiency
Purchaser in warehouse.

For purchasers

  • Do just-in-time purchases of prefabricated components (a double time saver)
  • There is no scrap – just 100% useable frame components
Designer working at desk.

For designers

  • A proven hook lift frame design that has been verified by SSAB engineers and field tested
  • Optimized high strength steel design
Production manager in workshop.

For production managers

  • Complete kits with prefabricated components free up shop space and capacity while increasing your productivity
  • Strenx® 700 tubes reduce welding by up to 70%

The right steel for hook lift frames

Our hook lift frame kits are made from Strenx grades, which adds performance beyond ordinary structural steel. For example, with Strenx tube you immediately have perfect surface quality. Strenx steel makes your hook lift frames stronger, lighter, safer, more competitive, and more sustainable.

Bending plate in the work shop.

Take advantage of our custom steel services

By combining SSAB premium products and our experience in engineering support and steel processing, you get a service that is hard to match. So ask us about cutting, bending, drilling and machining capabilities. Together we can determine where SSAB offers the best value-added, so you can focus less on issues like steel inventories and more on bringing products to market faster.

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