SSAB Form metal coated

SSAB Form - Metal coated formable steels

Excellent cold formability and galvanic corrosion protection

Metal coated formable steels are the right choice when you're looking for excellent cold formability and galvanic corrosion protection.

SSAB Form metal coated steels are mild steels designed for shaped components that are produced by deep drawing, bending or roll forming, for example. They feature very high ductility and formability, lending themselves to use in the manufacture of various cold-formed parts. These steel grades comply with EN10346:2015 standard and exceed the standard requirements by better formability and more consistent properties, which increase the productivity in workshop thanks to the stable forming result.

The SSAB Form product offering features metal coated formable steels with Zinc (Z), Galfan (ZA) or Galvannealed (ZF) coating. Galvanic corrosion protection of these zinc-based coated products enables a long service life for end products used under corrosive conditions.