Thinner plate helps garbage trucks shed weight and waste

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Thinner plate helps garbage trucks shed weight and waste

Thanks to the strength and durability of Hardox®, the Labrie Environmental Group uses much thinner plate for its vehicle bodies, resulting in lighter vehicles that carry heavier payloads and use less fuel.

The challenge

The Labrie Environmental Group manufactures some of the best equipment on the market for the waste management and recycling industries. Founded in 1933, the company has grown into the third largest North American manufacturer of equipment for waste management. Its vehicles are sold through roughly 50 distributors under the Leach, Labrie and Wittke brands.

Labrie offers some of the most technically advanced waste collection vehicles on the market and continually strives to build stronger, lighter and more durable vehicles. But because its truck bodies must constantly sustain a heavy load impact, the floor plates of its truck fleet began to show signs of too much wear. That’s where Hardox® steel stepped in.

The solution

The company chose Hardox® as a stronger, lighter alternative for the truck bodies. Noha Mandour, group communications director at Labrie, says, “When we were using other steels, we had to change parts and carry out maintenance work more often. A customer who operates 60–70 vehicles will cut the maintenance costs substantially if we use Hardox®.”

Customers can experience other benefits, too. Lighter bodies enable vehicles to carry higher payloads within the legal limitations and operate more efficiently, since the durability of SSAB steel also contributes to raising the quality of the vehicles.

Hardox® also enables Labrie to use whole plates in the side walls of the bodies.

“Compared to two or three plates that are welded together, a single Hardox® plate is both stronger and more resistant to corrosion, since there are no welded joints. One Hardox® plate also looks better, since customers have a much larger flat surface that can be used for advertising and pictures,” declares Mandour.

Customer benefits

  • Stronger, lighter vehicle bodies reduced body weight
  • Fuel consumption was drastically reduced — crucial for waste collection trucks that start and stop nearly every 15 seconds
  • Operators saw long-term savings thanks to lower maintenance and operating costs