Excavation equipment loses weight, gains better image

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Excavation equipment loses weight, gains better image

After two years of using Hardox® in its applications, Antech Attachments Co. Ltd joined SSAB’s Hardox® in My Body program. The company, a leading Taiwanese manufacturer of high-quality excavator teeth, buckets and attachments, relies on the high performance of Hardox® to gain a competitive advantage.

Excavation equipment loses weight, gains better image

The challenge

As a manufacturer of earthmoving attachments for the global construction and mining equipment markets, Antech Attachments must ensure that its products can stand up to tough working conditions.

“Before we used Hardox® in our excavator buckets, we were constantly battling with bent cutting edges and bucket floors due to the lower tensile strength of the steel we used,” says Henry Liao, Antech Attachments’ Company Director. “Cracks around the wear lining were common due to its poor weldability and low impact toughness.”

As a result, the company was forced to build its buckets with heavier gauge steel in order to maintain bucket life, which made the buckets heavier and more costly to produce.

The solution

Excavation equipment loses weight gains better image

By using Hardox® wear plate in its products, the company was able to cut bucket weight by as much as 30 percent, while maintaining the same or better wear life. “Hardox®’s superior wear performance, good weldability and formability allow us to produce high-performing attachments and keeps us ahead of our competition,” says Liao.

As the company gained success by using Hardox® in its products, many of its competitors also adopted similar types of wear-resistant steel from various sources. “Though they all claim to be quenched and tempered wear steel, we believe the quality does vary,” confirms Liao.

We believe that joining the Hardox® in My Body program will improve our product image by spreading a clear message to our clients that we are using high-quality, wear-resistant steel to ensure long product life and performance,” explains Liao.

Customer benefits

  • Overall bucket weight reduced by 20–25%
  • Buckets’ useful life extended 50%
  • Constant durability
  • Premium quality offering boosted brand image in eyes of customers