Car driving on a road in the forest
Car driving on a road in the forest

Sustainable automotive steel

Right now, Docol® steels can improve your car’s life cycle assessments – and, in 2026, many of our AHSS products will be available fossil-free.

Fossil-free steel for cars

Your game-changing, carbon-neutral vehicle – made from fossil-free steel – might be closer than you think. In 2026, SSAB will offer fossil-free versions of automotive AHSS steels – with the same premium performance properties as today’s grades.

The big difference is that all processes – including the production of hydrogen for our direct reduced iron or DRI – will be done using 100% fossil-free energy. For both OEMs and Tier 1s, fossil-free steel means you will be able to use a familiar and trusted high-strength material that very favorably improves your vehicle’s Life Cycle Assessment.

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SSAB is taking the lead in decarbonizing the steel industry

Our breakthrough fossil-free technology is the first true steelmaking transformation for centuries. SSAB customers around the world will still get premium high-strength steel, just adapted to the future.

We’ve already entered into multiple fossil-free partnerships with car OEMs and Tier One suppliers. These partnerships will result in the first truly sustainable steel applications for the cars of tomorrow.

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HYBRIT. A new revolutionary steelmaking technology.

With HYBRIT technology, SSAB aims to be the first steel company in the world to bring fossil-free steel to the market already in 2026. SSAB will be practically fossil free by 2030. Together with our partners and customers, SSAB aims to create a fossil-free value chain, from the mine to the end-product.

Improve your life cycle assessments – starting today

Car designers have a choice of lightweight structural materials: aluminum, carbon fiber reinforced plastics, even magnesium. But those materials have carbon footprints that are several times that of advanced high-strength steel. And Docol® AHSS is produced in one of the world’s cleanest steel production processes. Find out how to future-proof your life cycle assessment (LCA) today.

Comparison of kg CO2 per kg of material produced

Chart over how much CO2/kg of material produced (steel, aluminium, carbon FRP and magnesium)

Source: WorldAutoSteel.

Environmental Product Declaration

Read more about the environmental performance of the Docol products in the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). They are third-party reviewed in accordance with ISO 14025 and EN 15804.

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EPD: Cold rolled steel sheets and coils – v1.2-2023