Armored vehicles for a hostile environment

Protecting people in vehicles is one of the most common applications for Armox® and Ramor® armor steels. These steels come in a wide range of grades, certified according to the strictest standards for armor steel.

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Armox® and Ramor® have different protection grades. See below when to use which steel.

Armored passenger cars

Based on conventional cars, these non-military vehicles conserve their initial factory look. When fitted with suitable Armox® or Ramor® Steel from SSAB, an armored car gives high penetration-resistance from bullets and projectiles and includes a shield against fragments (FSPs). With appropriate SSAB grades, VIP cars can also offer blast resistance against small explosive charges and IEDs.

Recommended armor plates:

Ramor 500
Armox 370T Armox 500T Armox 520T

For additional weight reduction:
Armox 560T Armox 600T Armox 620T

Armored SUVs for NGOs and other official bodies

SUVs are used by NGOs and similar organizations, which operate in remote areas and need off-road capability. Armored SUVs are manufactured by adding a layer of armored steel plates without interfering with the vehicle’s outer look or performance. There is a large variety of armoring standards for those SUVs for ballistic or blast protection or even combined resistance.

Commonly used grades:
Ramor 500
Armox 370T Armox 500T Armox 520T

Recommended grades for weight saving:
Ramor 550 Ramor 600
Armox 560T Armox 600T 

Armored Delivery Vehicles

Armored delivery vehicles or cash-in-transit (CIT) cars are used to transport
large quantities of valuable goods such as money bills, gold bars, jewelry, etc.
They are typically based on commercial vans, trucks or small buses, which are fitted with armored plates to resist small caliber projectiles and small
explosive charges.

Commonly used grades:
Ramor 500
Armox 500T

Recommended grades for weight saving:
Ramor 550 Ramor 600

4x4 Armored Personnel Carrier

4x4 armored vehicles are compact and small size military vehicles, equally used
by local law enforcement units or army forces to transport and deploy tactical
troops for surveillance and patrolling operations. They are designed to offer their
occupants optimized ballistic resistance and protection against explosive
devices while maintaining high driving mobility on and off road.

Commonly used grades:
Ramor 500
Armox 440T Armox 500T Armox 520T

Recommended grades for weight saving:
Ramor 550 Ramor 600
Armox 600T Armox 620T Armox Advance

Armored personnel carrier on tracks or wheels

Armored personnel carriers (APC) with tracks or 8x8/6x6 wheels are military multiuse vehicles, dedicated to safely move and transport personnel and their equipment into operational zones in various climate conditions. These vehicles are designed to protect their occupants from various typesof projectiles, fragments and blast waves from underground or side mines all while maintaining rapid maneuverability.

Commonly used grades:
Ramor 450 Ramor 500
Armox 440T Armox 500T Armox 520T

Recommended grades for weight saving:
Armox 560T Armox 600T Armox 620T Armox Advance

Over 40 years of production

Armox® protection plates have been used to protect people in the world’s most dangerous environments for more than 40 years. It has literally been tested in the field.

High toughness

Armox® protection grades always offer a high toughness relative to their hardness. This gives our steel good bending properties. High thickness precision in combination with uniform properties ensures superior repeatability.


Our steels are cleaner than most other steels. The low carbon content makes them easier to weld and with the use of electrodes with low hydrogen content is the risk of cold cracking minimized.

Tested and proven for maximum protection

Armox makes SUVs bulletproof

British Armour Inc., a global manufacturer of armored SUVs with certified advanced ballistic protection, chooses the Rolls Royce of armor steel plating to protect its vehicles.

Armored cash in transport vehicle for safe transport of lives and valuables

Close relations to SSAB promotes safe solutions.

Securing safe transport of lives and valuables

Armox® and Ramor protection plates products are developed for applications where blast protection or high ballistic resistance is required, such as in car systems for transport of valuables.

Plate thickness requirements vs protection levels

Armox® and Ramor® deliver protection plates with guaranteed ballistic properties. Each grade and thickness is tested to the most extensive, stringent international standards.


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