Hand measuring steel application
Hand measuring steel application

What SSAB Services offers

In addition to premium steels, SSAB also offers several services to facilitate your product development — and increase your competitiveness. SSAB Services provides engineering services, parts & kits for trailers and tippers, steel processing, and local SSAB Steel Service Centers — all intended to speed-up your time-to-market. You’ll also have unique access to our Knowledge Service Center with its extensive technical support. Around the world, SSAB Steel Service Centers are eager to help move your project forward. How can we best support you in your product development and serial production?

Accelerate your time-to-market


Parts & Kits

Save time on design and testing by using our prefabricated components and kits, including tipper top rails, structural steel flat bars, hook lift frames, subframe rails, and thin wide steel sheets for sidewalls. By using our parts & kits, you’ll achieve a more cost-efficient and competitive end product – while reducing your steel inventory needs.

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Product Development and Engineering

Accelerate your time-to-market by taking advantage of our unique and extensive knowledge in structural steel design and processing techniques. Your innovative ideas – combined with our thorough engineering support – can give your steel-based products a competitive edge.

Bending a plate in the workshop

Steel processing services

Get a head start by having us do your steel cutting, welding, press bending, roll forming, roll bending, drilling, milling, and bevelling. Our workers are trained in best practices for processing our advanced SSAB steels.

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SSAB Steel Service Centers

At your local SSAB Steel Service Center, you can meet face-to-face with experts who know your industry. Take advantage of our local accessibility and extended knowledge at center closest to you.