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Get the power without the excess weight, while increasing the productivity of tons loaded per time unit, for increasingly complex and specialized operations that require more precision and flexibility from loader cranes.

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Power up, without the excess weight

Longer reach and improved lifting capacity, all without altering the dead weight. Loader crane manufacturers are successfully leveraging Strenx® high-strength steel grades to lift loads to previously inaccessible places. And, they’re also saving weight while improving the number of load cycles per time unit.

With its unique and carefully developed chemical composition, Strenx® performance steel makes stronger and tougher welds possible, resulting in safer cranes that load more and lift higher.

No 1  Strenx® 960, 1100 and 1300 High-strength steels and Strenx® Tube 700MLH High-strength steel tubes
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Strenx® products for Loader crane
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My Inner Strenx®

My Inner Strenx® is a program for manufacturers who possess the drive to make the best possible products using Strenx® performance steel. It’s also a way for operators and end users to identify producers and products made with superior steel and quality-controlled production techniques for their demanding applications.

Whatever your application, wherever you are in the world, SSAB supports your business

Design and development support

Our local support teams conduct customer visits, seminars and development projects. Together, we help you develop products that are stronger, lighter and deliver more value.

Ways we support you:

  • Material selection for your specific product
  • Conceptual design and innovations
  • Design recommendations for high-strength steels
  • Production efficiency recommendations
  • Expert advice and best-practice guidance

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Workshop fabrication support

Get the help of our experts to ensure a smooth production process and gain more value from your products.

Ways we support you:

  • Welding recommendations
  • Forming recommendations
  • Tooling advice
  • Trial material
  • Advice on new production techniques

Customer cases

Fassi cranes without compromise

Fassi is taking the fierce competition in the lifting and transportation industry head on. With the company’s new F2150RAL crane, which fully utilizes the advanced and ultra-high-strength steel Strenx® in the lifting arms and crane booms, Fassi has gained a significant competitive edge.

Fassi crane with Strenx high performance steel

Discover the power of strenx for loader cranes

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The beauty of Strenx® - stronger and lighter
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My Inner Strenx® - a membership program for optimizing design and production
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Welding of Strenx®
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Machining recommendations for Strenx®

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