My Inner Strenx® timber trailer on the road
My Inner Strenx® timber trailer on the road

Benefits that drive your performance

My Inner Strenx® is a performance qualification used only for certified products made by members of SSAB’s quality program My Inner Strenx®. Products in the program have been certified and have earned the right to carry the My Inner Strenx® sign, proving that the manufacturer has extensive knowledge of designing and manufacturing equipment using Strenx® performance steel.

fatigue resistance


My Inner Strenx® equipment is built with Strenx® performance steel. Using a steel with a yield strengths up to 1300 MPa allows these OEMs to explore new designs that drives performance higher.

Innovative design

Innovative designs

My Inner Strenx® products are manufactured by OEMs at the cutting edge of steel design for advanced load-bearing equipment. They drive the performance, you get to enjoy the benefits.

Lighter and stronger

Low weight

A stronger steel can be used in thinner dimensions for reduced weight and still outperform conventional steel. Every kg or pound saved in your My Inner Strenx® certified equipment translates into more jobs done.

Improve sustainability with My Inner Strenx® trailer

Improved sustainability

Companies today are looking be lean when it comes to resource and energy use. My Inner Strenx® supports more sustainable steel applications in the lifting, transport and agriculture sectors.

Save fuel with My Inner Strenx® equipment

Fuel savings

When the equipment gets lighter, you get more productive and use less fuel. More tonnes transported and more material moved for every liter (or gallon) of diesel. And when a truck travels empty, its lower weight means fuel savings in both directions.

Higher load with My Inner Strenx® crane boom

Higher load

Trailer chassis, cranes and aerial work platforms are just some of the products that benefit from a My Inner Strenx® certification. You can look forward to less fuel per transported tonne and higher lifting capacity

Verify your product’s authenticity

The My Inner Strenx® sign on your equipment is proof that it is made of genuine Strenx® high-strength structural steel. To check a product’s authenticity, simply scan the QR code on the sign.

Continue to drive performance with the best in the business

My Inner Strenx® is a quality program that connects qualified OEMs with demanding customers like yourself. Not all products can be certified under the program. To get approved, they need to comply with SSAB’s strict specifications on design and manufacturing processes. And, of course, they need to be made using Strenx® performance steel, a superior high-strength structural steel.

Certified products built to My Inner Strenx® requirements come in many shapes and sizes. But one thing they all have in common is outstanding performance. Whether you operate trucks and trailers, mobile cranes or any other type of lifting or agriculture equipment, My Inner Strenx® ensures it will be strong and productive. Want to drive your business forward? Get in touch with us and we will point you in the right direction.


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