Lattice-boom cranes

Need to build a lattice-boom crane that has to lift higher and heavier? Leverage our range of high-strength plate, tubes and hollow sections for better strength to weight performance in lattice booms, jibs and frames.

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Lift higher and heavier

Changes in industry are challenging the abilities of heavy machinery like lattice-boom crawler cranes to adapt. These cranes are indispensable in major construction, maintenance and energy projects, where they can be used to install and take down wind turbines. Bigger machines that allow for more clearance for the boom or jib are becoming more common.

Lattice-boom cranes weighing 3,600 tons, with integrated extra counterweight vehicles, are machines with some of the longest reach and highest lifting capacity around. Ideal components for using Strenx® include the chassis, boom, tension straps, slewing ring and turntable. By using less steel yet with a higher yield strength, you can build lighter structures and leave room for greater lifting capacity, longer reach or a combination of both. It’s up to the designer.


No 1  Strenx® 9601100 and 1300 High-strength steels
no 2  Strenx® Tube 700MLH, Strenx® Tube 960QLH High-strength steel tubes
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Strenx® products for Lattice-boom cranes
Lattice boom cranes

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Customer cases

Strenx® performance steel has the right strength for world’s No.1 4,000-ton crawler crane

Tension bars in Strenx® 1100 E make a safe choice in XCMG’s record-breaking 4,000-ton crawler cranes.

XCMG Crawler crane

Discover the power of Strenx® for lattice boom crawler cranes

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The beauty of Strenx® - stronger and lighter
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My Inner Strenx® - a membership program for optimizing design and production
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Welding of Strenx®
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Machining recommendations for Strenx®

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