Product Data Matrix Marking

Access to all product information with the SSAB Data Matrix Marking

What is the SSAB Data Matrix?

It is a two dimensional marking according to the ISO/IEC standards (ECC200). It can be read with a mobile phone scanning app or separate scanners.

Where to find the marking?

What is the function?

The code includes the SSAB unique product ID. The ID enables access to all relevant product information, such as steel grade, dimensions, manufacturing date, properties, recommendations and certificates.

How to scan?

You can use a barcode reader app on your mobile device to scan the marking. We're in the process of developing the product information pages that the marking links to. In the meantime, you can log into the SSAB Customer Portal to find out more about your products.

How to embed in local systems?

The code can be used in local systems as a product ID identifier. The last part of the code consists of is the product ID. If you want to learn more or to embed product properties and more advanced functions as well, contact us!

Code structure:
{hostname}{servicename} = ““”.
{productionsiteid} = “100”.
{localproductid} = “1157734203391”


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