“The use of fossil-free steel is an important step for Ruukki in reaching our sustainability promise “Towards carbon-neutral buildings”. We are committed to developing our offering to help our customers to reduce carbon emissions, and we will look for customers to partner with to create a fossil-free value chain until the end of the lifecycle of a building,” says Sami Eronen, President of Ruukki Construction.

The use of fossil-free steel is part of Ruukki’s new sustainability strategy, which is divided into three areas: offering, operations and responsible partner

In sustainable offering and operations, Ruukki can have the greatest impact on reducing carbon emissions. Use of fossil-free steel in our offering will reduce carbon emissions for these products by around 85%. In addition, our energy-efficient envelope solutions can reduce energy consumption by up to 30% during the lifecycle of the building. In our own operations, we aim to further reduce carbon emissions by 25% by 2026.

As a responsible partner, Ruukki’s ambition is to be the safest company in the building products industry, to have the most engaged employees in the industry and the industry’s most satisfied customers.

With HYBRIT technology, SSAB aims to be the first steel company in the world to bring fossil-free steel to the market in 2026. HYBRIT is a joint venture initiative of SSAB, LKAB and Vattenfall.

Read more about Ruukki’s sustainability approach on the Ruukki website www.ruukki.com/sustainability

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