Toolox®, initially developed for moulding of plastic parts, also possesses the properties required for use at elevated temperatures in environments where the steel is exposed to high forces and wear. The secret behind Toolox lies in a unique production process that allows it to keep its properties during demanding use — up to 590°C (1,094°F) — where it retains approximately 80 percent of its original hardness. And Toolox is dimensional stable meaning it holds a minimum of internal stresses, making it incredibly workshop friendly.

The right combination of hardness and toughness

Tool steel used in industries and processes involving high work temperatures and high wear must be hard and tough at the same time. Toolox features high thermal conductivity values and comes in three hardness levels ranging from 300 HBW to 450 HBW. So you’re sure to find the optimum solution for your application for use at elevated temperatures.

Typical properties for a 16 mm plate, high temperature properties

 Toolox 44
 +20 C  +200 C  +300 C  +400 C  +500 C
 Hardness [HBW]  450        
 Compressive yield strength [MPa]  1250  1120  1120  1060  930
     -after 170h soaking time        1060  910
 Impact toughness  30  60  80  80  

 Toolox 33
 +20 C  +200 C  +300 C  +400 C  +500 C
 Hardness [HBW]  300        
 Compressive yield strength [MPa]  800  750  700  590  560
 Impact toughness  100  170  180  180  


Toolox’s high-temperature properties make it a perfect wear plate in the metal or cement industries, or for power plants and other areas where slag and other substances with very high temperatures are handled.