Engineering and tool steel for shorter manufacturing time

Toolox® allows you to finalize a product faster than with other steels for machine components and tools. This applies to a wide range of production processes and applications.

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Production efficiency


Prehardened steel saves time

Toolox® is a prehardened steel with excellent machining performance. The stable mechanical properties shorten the production time since Toolox® parts can be machined to meet the desired specifications in one step.

The high cleanliness of the steel is another property that saves time in polishing and other surface treatment processes such as nitriding, etching and PVD coating.

Streamline your stock with Toolox®

A large number of standard grades can be replaced by Toolox® 33 or Toolox® 44. The excellent versatility of the Toolox® grades means you can speed up the design process, simplify your logistics, keep a lean stock and still have the material you need for making quality machine components and tools.


Standard production process vs Toolox® production process

Save time in machining

With Toolox® there is no need for unclamping and stress relieving as would be the case for a common machine steel.

Save time without heat treatment

The fact that Toolox® is prehardened cuts production time and costs. Toolox® doesn’t need any further time-consuming and costly heat treatment after machining. It is still easy to machine due to the low carbon concept.

Faster production in every step

Y = Manufacturing time (h) A = Programming
B = CNC machining
C = Electrical discharge machining (EDM)
D = Heat treatment

“We changed to Toolox® from C45 (1.1730) due to multiple manufacturing steps and high straightness demands. This reduced the manufacturing time from 6-7 weeks to 4 weeks.”



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Toolox is a prehardened steel with high machinability for making finished parts without time-consuming and costly heat treatment.

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