Tower cranes

Lattice structures combined with Strenx® high-strength steel in tower cranes offer a low service weight with high-strength, whether in hammerhead cranes, luffing tower cranes or self-erecting tower cranes.

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Tower cranes often climb hundreds of feet into the air – and reach out just as far. When skyscrapers are built, tower cranes with lattice-style tower and jibs dominate the skylines as they work at some of the highest building sites anywhere.

Strenx® high-strength steel lets you build taller tower cranes without compromising on safety, strength or durability.

No 1  Strenx® 9601100 and 1300 High-strength steels
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Strenx products for Tower cranes
tower crane

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Tower cranes

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The beauty of Strenx® - stronger and lighter
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My Inner Strenx® - a membership program for optimizing design and production
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Welding of Strenx®
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