Concrete pumps

Combine the lowest possible weight and highest possible yield with Strenx® high-strength steels in concrete pump booms. Design every boom to maintain structural integrity in critical areas without using excess steel.

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Pump up productivity by improving boom reach and reducing dead weight

Using a concrete pump truck helps to save plenty of time and labor when placing concrete where it’s needed in hard-to-reach areas. Truck-mounted concrete pumps can have long booms reaching over 30 meters or more.

With Strenx® 900, for example, you can reduce the boom weight without reducing capacity. This means you can manufacture a longer boom that has the same weight, improving the reach.


No 1  Strenx® 900, 960 and 1100 High-strength steels
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Strenx® products for Concrete pumps
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Drive the performance of your equipment

The My Inner Strenx® sign confirms its members’ dedication to providing high-quality, high-performing and cost-efficient products. The sign may only be used on equipment that has been certified to meet the strictest standards of quality in design and fabrication.

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Design and development support

Our local support teams conduct customer visits, seminars and development projects. Together, we help you develop products that are stronger, lighter and deliver more value.

Ways we support you:

  • Material selection for your specific product
  • Conceptual design and innovations
  • Design recommendations for high-strength steels
  • Production efficiency recommendations
  • Expert advice and best-practice guidance

Concrete pump

Workshop fabrication support

Get the help of our experts to ensure a smooth production process and gain more value from your products.

Ways we support you:

  • Welding recommendations
  • Forming recommendations
  • Tooling advice
  • Trial material
  • Advice on new production techniques

Customer cases

Strenx® offers a concrete solution for lighter, more durable concrete boom pumps

When Turkish concrete pump manufacturer Betonstar wanted to introduce design and technology innovations in their concrete boom pumps, they turned to Strenx® high-strength structural steel from SSAB. What did they get? Lighter-weight boom structures with greater strength, durability and high safety.

Betonstar concrete pump

Discover the power of Strenx® for concrete pumps

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The beauty of Strenx® - stronger and lighter
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My Inner Strenx® - a membership program for optimizing design and production
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Welding of Strenx®
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