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Altus upgrades its slag dumper bodies to Hardox® HiTemp, extending service life by several years

June 22, 2022 6 min read

Dump truck with U-shaped body in Hardox® HiTemp wear steel, hauling steel plant slag.

Case details

Product Hardox® HiTemp
Country Singapore
Company Altus Facilities Engineering
Industry Raw material handling

Can your dump trucks take the heat? The abrasive wear? When Altus switched from mild steel to Hardox® HiTemp in its slag trucks, it virtually eliminated repairs, and got truck bodies that weigh 40% less.

Case details

Product Hardox® HiTemp
Country Singapore
Company Altus Facilities Engineering
Industry Raw material handling
Red body of a slag dump truck built in high-temperature Hardox® HiTemp steel.



  • Got a steel specially designed for extreme high-temp environments
  • Dump truck bodies made 40% lighter
  • Increased payload & reduced fuel consumption when truck runs empty
  • Got 3 years service life with no repairs needed
  • Extended overall service life


Hard-wearing U-shaped body in Hardox® HiTemp

Slag – leftover waste from metal smelting or refining – produces aggregates that have a highly angular shape and a rough surface texture. But slag is no match for high-temperature Hardox® HiTemp wear steel. This Singaporean company replaced a traditional box-shaped slag body in mild steel at its steel mill with a U-shaped body in Hardox® HiTemp, and practically eliminated maintenance and repairs. When the new slag bodies had been in use for more than three years, the steel showed only marginal wear. Since Hardox® HiTemp performs well at elevated temperatures in the 300–500°C (570–930°F) range, it proved to be an optimal wear-resistant solution that also gives high structural strength to the body.

Saves 40% weight by switching from 25 mm (0.984”) mild steel to 10 mm (0.394”) Hardox® HiTemp

The new body design was a radical change from a box type body with stiffeners. Altus conferred with SSAB’s technical support and landed on a more optimized solution, both in terms of weight and service life. 

The previous slag tipper had a floor in 25.4 mm (1”) steel and 12.7 (0.5”) mm sides. The upgraded slag body used Hardox® HiTemp with a 10 mm (0.394”) floor and 8 mm (0.315”) sides. The U-shaped body has an integrated top rail and needs no stiffeners, which also simplifies production for Altus.

Overall, the new body weighed 2.236 kg (4,930 lbs.) less than the old design, which translates to an impressive 40% weight reduction. This allows for more payload and reduced fuel consumption when the truck runs empty.

Longer service life and minimal wear confirmed

Altus has made a number of slag dump bodies with Hardox® HiTemp, and the follow-up wear measurements confirm the low wear rates. After a year and a half, ultrasonic testing on one of the slag dumpers showed wear of about 0.7-0.9 mm (0.028- 0.035”). No repairs have been performed on the bodies in Hardox® HiTemp after three years, while the previous slag dumpers had a working life of only 2-3 months and during that time, they needed frequent repairs.

Side view of a slag truck body made in Hardox® HiTemp steel.

Next step: Thinner slag dump bodies with Hardox® HiTemp

Thanks to the low wear rate on the first slag dump bodies, Altus is confident to reduce the plate thickness. In the new slag bodies, they will use 8 mm (0.315”) Hardox® HiTemp for both the floor and the sides. This will reduce the body’s weight even further by 450 kg (992 lbs.).

A red dump truck body made in highly abrasion-resistant Hardox® HiTemp steel for extreme environments.

About Altus Facilities

Altus Facilities Engineering performs maintenance, installation and repair of mechanical structures. The company has building, operating and electrical and instrumentation capabilities. Its core businesses are engineering, construction, maintenance, testing and commissioning services. It maintains and operates a steel reinforcement bar rolling mill for one of the leading steel manufacturing companies in Singapore.

U-shaped dump truck body offloading abrasive slag.

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