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Hard-working screening buckets rely on Hardox® tubes

January 28, 2021 6 min read

A screening bucket in a harsh environment made by Remu

Case details

Country Finland
Company Remu
Industry Raw material handling

Remu Oy has been using Hardox® steel for a long time and knows that this wear-resistant material is second to none. The proof is in the high productivity and long-lasting performance of its products.

Hardox® tubes are just one ingenious example of how Remu uses Hardox® steel. Hardox® tubes are a vital component in its screening buckets. The screening is performed by hydraulically powered screening rotors that separate bigger particles or grind aggregated material into smaller particles.

A screening bucket empties soil over pipework on a construction site

Remu’s screening buckets are built to handle the toughest jobs, thanks to a well-designed and strong construction, and the use of Hardox® abrasion-resistant steel tubes and wear plate.

Case details

Country Finland
Company Remu
Industry Raw material handling

Designed for endurance

The rotors are made up of closely spaced blades in Hardox® 500 wear plate with a thickness between 6 and 25 mm (0.236” and 0.984”). The blades are welded to a Hardox® 500 Tube, which is connected to the drive system.

“Since there is a lot of welding involved and to optimize the process, we talked with SSAB’s technical support. The recommendation was to use stainless steel wire for our MAG welding equipment to avoid preheating of the steel. This has worked fine,” says Jussi Saari, Engineer at Remu.

Initially, Remu used hardfaced tubes in S355 steel. This solution was not satisfactory, it took a longer time to produce and did not offer the required service life. By switching to Hardox® 500 Tube, not only could Remu reduce the thickness of the tubes to save weight, but the extended service life lived up to Remu’s high expectations.

Screening buckets are used for many different applications, such as producing padding material on site to protect gas and oil pipes, producing topsoil, mixing and aerating contaminated soil, breaking down coal into smaller pieces and screening demolition waste, drywall and glass. Particles of the desired size will pass through the screens, while oversized material remains in the bucket.

Remu’s screening buckets can be installed on all types of excavators with a customized adapter. Hydraulic hoses are connected to the excavator’s hydraulic system to drive the rotor motors.

Blades of a screening bucket made in Hardox 500 wear plate being welded to a tube made from Hardox 500 Tube

The blades in Hardox® 500 wear plate are welded to a Hardox® 500 Tube.

Hardox® tubes and pipes – what’s the difference?

Sometimes they are called tubes and sometimes pipes, but there is no technical difference. When talking about tubes, it mostly refers to a structural application. When they are called pipes, it’s usually a matter of pumping abrasive materials such as wet concrete. In the Remu case we talk about Hardox® tubes, because they are used as structural components in the screening buckets. The official product names for our Hardox tubes and pipes are Hardox® 400 Tube and Hardox® 500 Tube. The wear resistance and toughness is always of the same high standard as Hardox® wear plate. They are available in circular shape in diameters between 76.1 and 133 mm, with wall thicknesses between 3 (0.118”) and 6 mm (0.236”) and up to 6000 mm (236.220”) length.

A pile of cut-to-length steel tubes made in Hardox 500

The Hardox® 500 Tube pieces are cut to length before delivery to Remu.

A family business with international presence

Remu is a family-run company located in Ähtäri in central Finland. All its products are designed and manufactured in Finland. The company’s mission is to manufacture high-quality earth-moving products that create value for its customers. The products are continuously improved to be stronger, safer and more productive.

Remu’s way of doing business has obviously been successful. The company has steadily expanded, with several thousand units sold and more than 95% of its present turnover coming from outside Finland. The company has a subsidiary in the USA and a wide dealer network covering the company’s main markets, including the UK, Germany, France, Norway, Switzerland and Australia.

A screening bucket in a harsh environment made by Remu

Hardox® Tube – the optimal shape for abrasive pumping and structural strength

Hardox® 400 Tube and Hardox® 500 Tube are versatile workhorses, whether it’s a pumping application that relies on the steel’s hardness, or a structural application where the circular shape’s high strength to weight ratio makes for light and durable designs. For applications that require both wear resistance and structural performance, there is probably no other material that beats tubes in Hardox® wear steel. They are as wear resistant on the outside as on the inside, and the yield strength is as impressive as the hardness.