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Armox® plate protects Swedish embassy in Washington

December 15, 2021 6 min read

Case details

Country United States

The unique Swedish Embassy building in Washington – the House of Sweden – was opened in 2006. The building and atmosphere reflect lightness, openness and transparency. But within its walls lies the strength of Armox®, the world’s strongest protection plate.

Case details

Country United States

The challenge

The Swedish Embassy garnered a great deal of international interest when it was inaugurated. The main design challenge lay in creating a safe and secure building while expressing openness, democracy and transparency.

Situated along the waterfront of the Potomac River in Washington, D.C., the building was designed by Gert Wingård, an eminent Swedish architect. The embassy houses 16 apartments, as well as public areas for holding exhibitions and seminars. This creative environment is where the Swedish Ambassador and approximately 50 employees work and entertain.

A belt of brightly lit trees surrounds the body of the building, giving the impression that the structure floats at night above its reflection in the river. The materials used include light-colored wood, glass and stone, all reflecting the roots and traditions of Sweden.

The solution

The Swedish Embassy decided to use different grades of Armox® protection plate with various thicknesses in door and wall structures, depending on the degree of protection needed.

With its combination of good ballistic properties and excellent toughness, Armox® can be used for walls, doors, window frames, reception counters and shutters. Buildings such as airports, police stations, public authority buildings, railway stations and banks often use Armox®.

Customer benefits

  • Provides high level of protection for personnel
  • Prevents unauthorized entry
  • Contributes to a safe, secure environment for the people who live, work and entertain there

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