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The ultimate Duroxite® overlay for your application depends on the abrasive materials and conditions encountered in your operations, whether it’s in quarrying, mining, cement, energy, steel mills, recycling or other industries.

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Matching Duroxite® to your application

Duroxite® overlay products are available as plate, pipe, pin and welding consumables. The products are classified so that the hardfacing material matches the type of application and wear environment.

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Overlay plates for sliding wear

In this category you’ll find Duroxite® 100 and Duroxite® 101 overlay plates where chromium carbides make up the hardfacing layer. Highly suitable for many sliding wear applications with low to moderate impact and temperatures up to 350 °C. Duroxite® 101 has a Hardox® base metal for additional strength against plastic deformation.

Overlay plates for severe sliding wear

Duroxite® 200 and Duroxite® 201 overlay plates are designed for more severe abrasive conditions with low to moderate impact. Duroxite® 200 and Duroxite® 201 have a hardfacing layer consisting of extremely hard complex carbides. They can provide a service life several times longer than that of chromium carbide overlays. They can also take higher temperatures, up to around 600 °C. Duroxite® 201 has a Hardox® base metal for additional strength against plastic deformation.

Overlay plates for extreme sliding wear

Duroxite® 300 overlay plate has a hardfacing layer of ultra-fine complex borocarbides making the plate extremely resistant against the hardest abrasive and quartz-rich materials. It provides an even longer service life than that of complex carbides. It is well suited for wet and dry applications that are particularly difficult to maintain, and uptime is critical to the operation. Duroxite® 300 can take moderate impact and temperatures up to 600 °C.

Overlay plates for sliding wear and high impact

Duroxite® 500 overlay plate can withstand both sliding wear and high impact from rocks thanks to its specially formulated hardfacing layer of ultra-fine complex borocarbides. The complex borocarbides prevent spalling and cracking when exposed to high impact. Duroxite® 500 can work in temperatures up to 600 ˚C.

Overlay pipes for sliding wear

Duroxite® 100 Pipe is a chromium carbide overlay product for transporting abrasive material and slurries. It can withstand sliding wear in temperatures up to 350 °C.

Overlay pins for heat and metal-to-metal wear

Duroxite® 400 Pin is a quenched and tempered steel bar with a hardfacing layer of tool steel. It is designed to withstand severe heat up to 480 °C and metal-to-metal wear, as a locking pin or shaft. It will provide a longer service life than that of traditional pins with hardened surfaces.

Overlay welding consumables

Duroxite® welding consumables come as both wire and electrodes for a variety of welding needs. They are used for the production of wear parts, maintenance and repair work. Duroxite® 100 Wire and Duroxite® 200 Wire are flux cored open-arc wires for hardfacing components subject to sliding wear and severe sliding wear. Duroxite® AP Wire and Duroxite® AP Electrode are suitable for all-position (AP) welding. Duroxite® Cr-Zero Wire is suitable for overlay welding situations where it is difficult to protect the welder from the emission of hexavalent chromium smoke.

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Duroxite® with a harder baseplate

Duroxite® 101 and Duroxite® 201 overlay plates have Hardox® 450 as baseplate. This gives a higher performing plate compared to using a mild steel baseplate in a case where the abrasive material reaches down to the baseplate. The strength and toughness of a harder baseplate also makes the overlay plate stronger and more resistant to deformation.

Proven performance

Duroxite® is tough on wear wherever it is applied. See our success stories where Duroxite® has made a difference.

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