A woman looking forward symbolizing the steel industry's shift towards eco-friendly materials like SSAB's Zero and Fossil-free steels for a more sustainable future.
A woman looking forward symbolizing the steel industry's shift towards eco-friendly materials like SSAB's Zero and Fossil-free steels for a more sustainable future.

Fossil freedom is just around the corner!

SSAB is revolutionizing steelmaking with two unique steels with virtually zero fossil carbon emission – paving the way for a greener future.

SSAB Zero steel

The next generation of recycled steel

SSAB Zero™is made of recycled steel and produced with fossil-free electricity and biogas – resulting in steels with virtually no fossil carbon emissions.

SSAB Fossil free steel

The future is fossil-free

SSAB Fossil-free™ steel is produced by using HYBRIT Technology, with direct reduction of iron ore using fossil-free hydrogen – emitting water instead of CO2.


The fossil-free timeline

SSAB is already one of the world’s most carbon emission-efficient steel companies. We are now about to revolutionize iron-ore based steelmaking and aim to be the first in the world to deliver fossil-free steel to the market in 2026. SSAB wants to offer customers the competitive advantage of a completely fossil-free value chain. By around 2030, all our production sites will be able to deliver fossil-free steel.

Timeline for SSAB fossil-free steel journey

We take responsibility for steel we did not produce in the first place 

SSAB is not only developing the world’s first fossil-free steel, but is now also offering a steel based on recycled raw materials with no fossil carbon emissions. With SSAB Zero™, we are taking the next step towards a greener future. We are just not developing new, fossil-free steel, but now also offering fossil carbon emission-free steel made from recycled raw material.

Ladle preheating process using renewable natural gas to heat refractory brick for protection from molten steel.

More on SSAB Fossil-free™ steel

SSAB Fossil-free™ steel is produced using the revolutionary HYBRIT Technology, which replaces coal in the iron ore reduction process with hydrogen. The result is a removal of the fossil carbon emissions. Learn more about how the groundbreaking technology was developed, how it works, the benefits of SSAB Fossil-free steel and why it is a sustainable steel.

sustainable steel

How SSAB is changing the game with sustainable steel production

If you think sustainable steel production sounds like a contradiction in terms, you probably have a point. Or, at least, you would have had before the launch of fossil-free steel. Get to know SSAB fossil-free steel and why it is introduced now.


Top six reasons for your business to switch to fossil-free steel

Fossil-free steel has the same characteristics as traditional steel. You won’t notice any difference, but the planet will.

iron pellets

Not all green steel is fossil-free steel – here’s why

The interest in “green steel” is increasing. But when no official definition exists, how do you know if you’re a victim of greenwashing?

How is fossil-free steel made?

For thousands of years, steel has been made using coal to remove oxygen from iron ore, emitting vast amounts of CO2 in the process. But now, SSAB is set to revolutionize the industry with HYBRIT Technology, using hydrogen instead of coal in the ore reduction process, and emitting water instead of CO2.

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What is SSAB’s main objective for developing steel with no carbon emissions?

The steel industry is currently one of the highest carbon emitters, accounting for 7% of all emissions globally. While SSAB is already one of the world’s most efficient steelmakers, we know that the industry still has a long way to go. Our objective is to lead the steel industry to a decarbonized future.

Learn more about what a fossil-free future means for you

Why should I buy steel made with no carbon emissions?

An investment in steel without carbon emissions adds value to your business by eliminating the carbon footprint in the steel part of your value chain. Apart from a large end-customer demand, it enables the SSAB's customers to become forerunners and take the leading position within their industries, offering products of superior quality and with a very low carbon footprint.

Six reasons

What is the difference between SSAB Zero™, SSAB Fossil-free™ steel and standard steel?

Both SSAB Zero™ and SSAB Fossil-free™ steel, are steels with no carbon emissions. SSAB Zero is based on scrap. SSAB Fossil-free steel is based on iron-ore produced without fossil fuels, using HYBRIT Technology. Independent of the raw material, to our knowledge, SSAB will have the lowest emission steel offering. SSAB Zero and SSAB Fossil-free steel will have the quality and properties.

What is green steel?

Green steel does not have an officially recognized definition. The term ‘green steel’ is an unofficial label used when a product has not met pre-approved or defined criteria. SSAB Zero™ and SSAB Fossil-free™ steel are emission-free steels with specific guarantees: using only fossil-free electricity and biogas, with no carbon emission offsetting and with no mass balance allocation of products.

Learn how fossil-free steel differs from green steel

How can I find out more about SSAB's sustainable steel?

If you cannot find the information you are looking for here, please contact us here. Or get in touch with your SSAB sales contact directly.

FAQ: Fossil-free steel


Get to know our partners – Explore future applications in fossil-free steel

Read about partnerships and future applications our partners are building in fossil-free steel. Together we are cutting CO2 emission, leading the way to a sustainable future.

Get more insights about fossil-free steel

Curious to take a step further and learn more about fossil-free steel? Get more in-depth knowledge about the development and the impact of the world around us.

First mover initatives

volvo vehicle

The future is here – the world’s first vehicle made with fossil-free steel

In a world-first, Volvo Group has unveiled the first vehicle made of SSAB’s fossil-free steel. A load carrier for use in mining and quarrying represents the first leg of the journey towards a decarbonized future.

Epiroc mining equipment

Breaking new ground in sustainable mining

Epiroc has developed the world’s first underground mining truck with a dump box made from fossil-free steel.


watches from triwa

SSAB and TRIWA present the world's first consumer product made using fossil-free steel – a watch

The unique watch, named Time for Decarbonization, has been created using fossil-free steel powder.

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Fredrik N G Andersson

“Decarbonization is possible, but it requires new thinking”

Pressure to be more sustainable is being exerted at both ends of the supply chain, according to Professor Fredrik N G Andersson from Lund University.

Fossil free steel is already used in the automotive industry, thanks to SSAB.

The future of the automotive industry: Eco friendly cars are here to stay

Eco friendly cars are changing. With collaborations in the automotive and steel industry joining major players together, the dream of a carbon-neutral car is getting closer.

cooling line

Sharing fossil-free steel with the world

Development at SSAB of the world’s first-ever fossil-free steel is moving fast. Discover how patenting the technology will benefit future partners and increase global impact.

Fossil-free press releases

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Volvo Group ve SSAB, dünyada ilk fosilsiz çelikten üretilecek araçlar için işbirliği yapıyor

Volvo Group ve SSAB, dünyanın fosil yakıtsız çelikten yapılmış ilk araçlarının araştırma, geliştirme, seri üretim ve ticarileştirilmesi üzerine bir işbirliği anlaşması imzaladı. Volvo bu yıl SSAB'nin hidrojen kullanarak ürettiği çelikten konsept araçlar ve parçaların üretimini başlatmayı planlıyor.