Категории стали

Abrasion resistant steel

Износостойкие стали

Need to fight abrasion and wear in heavy-duty applications? You can rely on SSAB, the expert with nearly 50 years of experience in abrasion-resistant steels. Choose from one of the world’s widest ranges of grades, thicknesses and widths – and cut lead times in your workshop, extend equipment performance and service life, and increase productivity.

Structural steel

Конструкционная и холодноформуемая сталь

The description ‘structural steel’ usually applies to a ductile cold-forming steel with yield strengths from around 350 MPa up to 1300 MPa. Steels with higher yield strengths – typically starting at around 600 MPa – are often called advanced high-strength steel (AHSS).

Metal coatings

Рулоны и листы с металлическим покрытием

Metal coated products are made for applications that must withstand various corrosive environment, wherein they extend the service life of the end product by protecting the steel from corrosion.

Color coated

Рулоны и листы с полимерными покрытиями

Overlay products

Биметаллические наплавки


Стали, работающие под давлением

weathering steel patina

Погодоустойчивая сталь