Improve your laser cutting efficiency and sheet metal utilization

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40 Min
Webinar:Improve your laser cutting efficiency and sheet metal utilization

How can you increase your workshop efficiency by optimizing the cutting parameters and using a steel developed for laser cutting and tight nesting? Find out in this webinar.

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This webinar is intended for laser cutting technicians, product designers and purchasers. Our laser cutting expert Jukka Siltanen will explain the basic principles of laser cutting, how steel properties are influencing efficient laser cutting and what are the most important parameters for achieving cost savings in your workshop and high quality laser-cut components:

  • Most important laser cutting parameters to consider.
  • Advantages of laser cutting compared to other cutting methods.
  • High quality cut edges even at high cutting speeds.
  • Difference in cut edge quality when using CO2 laser vs. Fiber laser.
  • Difference in hardness when using oxygen vs. nitrogen laser cutting.
  • Influence of factors like steel chemistry, surface condition, temperature and mechanical properties on the output.
  • Increase productivity and save costs by using SSAB Laser® steel optimized for laser cutting.

Jukka Siltanen

Welding specialist, SSAB Knowledge Service Center

Jukka Siltanen has over 25 years of experience from the welding and thermal cutting technology. The special expertise of his is laser cutting and welding.


Johan Pellas

Technical Development Manager, SSAB Europe

Johan Pellas has worked with technical support at SSAB since 2010, supporting customers optimizing choice of steel grade, design and production processes. Johan has also many years of experience from the construction business and industrial manufacturing.


Lutz Felder

Marketing Manager, SSAB Europe

Lutz Felder has more than 26 years of experience in international B2B marketing. He joined SSAB in 2008 and is currently responsible for the marketing in Western Europe markets and for SSAB Laser® brand.

For more information about SSAB Laser® steel and its availability, please contact our local SSAB Laser® experts or our dedicated SSAB Laser® Certified Partners who guarantee high availability and fast deliveries from their stocks in many European countries.