Truck on road
Truck on road

Parts & kits for tippers, trailers, and trucks

We offer several SSAB steel-based components & kits for manufacturers of heavy-duty tippers, trailers, containers, and truck super structures. Our engineer-verified and field-tested parts & kits provide stronger, lighter, and more durable prefabricated components that speed up your product development and production.

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Illustration marking top rail.

Top rails for tipper bodies made with Strenx® steel and Hardox® wear plate

SSAB Services provides top rails – custom designed for your transport containers and tippers – made from our Strenx steel and Hardox wear plate. SSAB top rail designs are thoroughly tested and verified, enabling you to build a lighter, tougher, and more competitive tipper or container.

Illustration showing flat bars in trailer.

Structural steel flat bars made from Strenx 700 MC

Ready-made, high strength-to-weight ratio flat steel bars built from Strenx 700 – or another high-strength SSAB steel – suitable to your vehicle’s structural frame. As one of our most global products, our structural steel flat bars are available from most SSAB Steel Service Centers around the world.

Truck with hook lift frame.

Hook lift frames made from Strenx steels

Hook lift frame assembly kits from SSAB Services consist of precision laser-cut Strenx Tube 700MLH and cold-formed Strenx 700MC profiles.l.

Sub frame section

Subframe rails for heavy-duty tippers & vehicles

Our precise, roll-formed frame rails – made from Strenx 700 MC steel – enable you to build your subframes faster, while providing your customers with stronger and lighter solutions.

Green truck with containers.

Thin wide steel sheets

We offer laser-welded steel sheets that are wide and thin – all the way down to 1 mm thickness. These wide, thin steel sheets have multiple applications, including for the sidewalls of garbage (refuse) trucks and in tippers and containers. By using laser welding to join the sheets, we maintain the excellent surface quality and flatness of the SSAB hot-rolled strip steel.

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In addition to premium steels, parts, kits, and engineering services, SSAB offers processing services to facilitate your product development and production. Contact us to see what we can do for you.

Engineering services

Accelerate your products’ time-to-market by taking advantage of our unique and extensive knowledge in structural steel design and processing. Your breakthrough ideas – combined with our thorough engineering support – can make your products highly competitive “first movers.”

Engineer working at computer