Strenx for trailers Ursus - they've got the look


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Ursus - they've got the look

Since it started using Strenx® High - Strength Steel for its straw trailer, Ursus, one of Poland's leading manufacturers of agricultural equipment, has both improved the quality of the product and cut its manufacturing costs.

Founded in Warsaw in 1893, Ursus represents more than 120 years of Polish agricultural development. The company produces and sells tractors and agricultural machinery, manufactured at its plants in Lublin, Dobre Miasto and Opalenica. One of the machines from the Opalenica plant is a specially designed trailer for straw bales, which is build using laser - welded Strenx® 700.

The 9.6 meter - long straw trailer is a  two- or three-axle vehicle designed for transporting large bales of straw. As such, it needs to be robust, durable and reliable.

Krzysztof Kanduła, Managing Director, Ursus Opalenica, explains that, after receiving a compelling proposal from SSAB, a decision was taken to switch the material used for the bottom plate of the straw trailer to Strenx® 700. The machine was also adapted and redesigned for this purpose.

„The bottom plates we'd used in the past had to be welded from two or four separate S235 steel sheets. The new solution with Strenx® 700 gave us a three times stronger, lighter bottom plate with great flatness", says Kaduła.

SSAB suggested that Ursus should start using the Oborniki Steel Service Center, situated only 30 km from the Opalenica plant, to cut and bend the sheets. This change also enabled Ursus to successfully reduce delivery times and logistics costs.

Meanwhile, the switch to Strenx® 700 has led to a 25 percent overall weight reduction for the machine, resulting in a significant increase in loading capacity and reduction in fuel consumption, as well as an overall quality improvement.

„Last but not least, the product looks great - thanks to the outstanding flatness of the Strenx® sheet steel" adds Kaduła.