Strenx for trailers Bronto Skylift pushes the limit with SSAB's new Strenx®


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Bronto Skylift pushes the limit with SSAB's new Strenx®

Pushing the limits is standard procedure at the Finnish aerial platform manufacturer Bronto.

“Bronto is an innovative company within the aerial platform segment,” says Pasi Leiviskä, segment manager for lifting at SSAB. “And the designers at Bronto have always seen new, advanced high-strength steel grades as an opportunity to keep ahead of the competition.”

SSAB has launched the new advanced high-strength steel Strenx®, and Bronto Skylift is already using the material to develop stronger products that can reach higher than ever before without compromising safety.

Bronto Skylift’s HLA, High Level Articulated Range, is a particularly good example of an application that benefits from low weight and high strength. The booms are made of Strenx® in 650MPa to 900 MPa strength level and there are plans to use even higher strength levels in the future.

Bronto Skylift’s HLA can lift a fully loaded platform up to 112 meters (367 feet) above the ground. Mounted on a special chassis, this aerial platform has become very popular among metropolitan fire brigades all over the world. It is reliable and extremely fast. The HLA can be stabilized for rescue and ready to work in 40 seconds.

Bronto Skylift’s HLA made of Strenx 650MPa to 900 MPa strength

Bronto Skylift has a long history of working together with SSAB beginning back in 1992, when the first high-strength steel grades were delivered to the company. 

With a wider program of even more advanced high-strength steel grades and further processed components, the collaboration between Bronto and SSAB has grown.

“When we offered advanced high-strength steel grades on the level 900-960 MPa, Bronto was not only interested to know more about the steel but also about further processing and delivery of ‘ready to weld’ components,” says Leiviskä. “The SSAB Shape concept and tubes and profiles ensure the possibility for us to offer Bronto pre-manufactured parts.”

There are strong motives to keep the aerial platform as light as possible. The lighter it is the more people can be saved to the lifted fire truck platform; in addition, several fire fighters can be lifted up in the air to work from the platform. With its low weight the platform can be used on ordinary streets, something which heavier equipment cannot do.

The weight of the Bronto Skylift F 112 HLA has been pushed down to 77 tonnes after extensive use of Strenx® advanced high-strength steel.

“Thanks to the advanced high-strength steel grades from SSAB, the last boom is made of thin steel, which previously did not even exist on the market,” says Leiviskä. “This is a good example of Bronto Skylift pushing the limits by utilizing the full product portfolio of SSAB.”