Hardox - Toughness


Find out why hard and tough Hardox® wear plate can withstand aggressive environments to benefit your equipment and your business.

Tough enough not to crack

Thanks to its extreme toughness, Hardox® copes with shocks, jolts, bangs, nicks and jabs, day after day. And with its good workshop properties, you can bend it, form it and weld it, and it will keep resisting cracks and crack propagation. In aggressive environments, where breakage failures can be unpredictable and costly or even threaten the safety of your equipment and people, Hardox® wear plate helps you minimize the risks so your equipment — and your business — won’t break down.

Structural properties

Toughness: It's the definitive difference between Hardox® wear plate and regular AR steel. It's what helps makes Hardox® possible to use as a structural steel. So you can bend it, form it and weld it without losing its properties. Together with its high yield strength, this allows for lighter designs.

Hardox wear steel tougnness

Toughness benefits

Check! Hardox  Can take heavy blows without becoming deformed.

Check! Hardox  Will resist cracks if subjected to plastic deformation.

[Check bullet image]If a local crack does occur, it will resist propagation

How tough is tough?

Just what is toughness? In these videos, we'll show you how Hardox® is tested before it starts performing.

Hardox® toughness

What is toughness?

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Payload and service life

Get extra payload and longer service life for a better payoff on your investments.

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