Shanghai Peiner relies on Hardox® and SSAB

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Shanghai Peiner relies on Hardox® and SSAB

Shanghai Peiner is a Chinese-German joint venture renowned from their world class grab buckets which are the most efficient in the world. ”Shanghai Peiner’s customers include huge harbors, electric plants, steel mills and bulk cargo ships” says Wei Min, the strategic purchase manager of Shanghai Peiner.

Hardox customer case, Peiner

The challenge

In grab buckets it’s all about the efficiency and lifetime. The efficiency is measured with a factor which is calculated by dividing the amount of load by the dead weight of the bucket. Therefore a lighter bucket will increase the efficiency of the bucket but the efficiency of the bucket has to be balanced with the lifetime of the bucket.

The solution

Normally the efficiency – lifetime balance is solved by hardfaced plates but even with them efficiency factors of 2.0 is typically achieved. General efficiency level of these buckets in China is 1.7. Also the lifetime of those buckets are limited to 1 Mton of material handling after which the hardfacing has to be repaired. With Hardox® wear plate Shanghai Peiner was able to push the efficiency factor to 2.2-2.4 which is the highest on the market, meanwhile having a typical lifetime of 2 Mton of material handling prior repairing.

To develop this bucket SSAB has done wear and welding projects together with Shanghai Peiner to increase the lifetime and efficiency of their bucket. SSAB is delivering all the material to Shanghai Peiner through SSAB Shape organization as ready to weld components. Shanghai Peiner has been a part of the Hardox® in My Body program for three years, which ensures that their buckets are utilizing genuine Hardox® wear plate from SSAB. “Shanghai Peiner provides a strong brand, excellent performance that is more advanced than competitors. To fulfill the performance target, not only advanced design and process quality of Peiner is needed, but also SSAB’s high quality material.” Says Wei Min.

Customer benefits

  • 20-40 % better efficiency
  • 2 times longer lifetime

Wei Min says that: “The end user’s benefit comes from the strong brand of Peiner, which is rooted in systematic cost saving. Peiner buckets are seen as the new definition for loading and unloading efficiency. Peiner buckets offer their customers lower down time as well as swift operation and a unique aftermarket service”.