DES MOINES, Iowa – Three Iowa-based companies - Arcosa Wind Towers, MidAmerican Energy and SSAB Americas joined Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds to discuss how creativity and innovation in the Hawkeye State are advancing efforts across North America in sustainable solutions for our products and our communities.

“The partnership between SSAB, Arcosa, and MidAmerican Energy leverages the strengths of three world-class companies to produce zero carbon emissions steel, using wind powered electricity that will reinforce Iowa’s reputation as a leader in renewable energy,” Gov. Kim Reynolds stated. “We’re proud to provide the business environment that fosters this type of innovation, and grateful to these companies for their commitment to and investment in our state.”   

“As businesses we are grateful and fortunate to be located in the State of Iowa. Governor Reynolds has developed the economic fundamentals that propel growth, creativity and success,” said SSAB Americas President Chuck Schmitt. “Her leadership in energy policy has allowed Iowa to build a stable and clean electricity supply that propels manufacturing, supports agriculture, and efficiently lights, heats and cools the homes and workplaces for all Iowans.”

Iowa is a leader in providing a business environment and to support a sustainable supply chain for industry and manufacturing.

Schmitt said an example of how SSAB, Arcosa and MidAmerican are joined includes: 

·         In Muscatine, Iowa: SSAB Americas makes the world’s most sustainable steel products using renewable wind energy supplied by MidAmerican Energy, including SSAB ZeroTM, the world’s first 0.0 CO2e steel plate, and produced in Iowa.

·         In Newton, Iowa: Arcosa Wind Towers, uses SSAB Americas sustainable steel plate to fabricate some of the most sophisticated and most sustainable steel wind tower products.

·         Across the State of Iowa, MidAmerican Energy takes those sustainable steel wind towers and puts wind turbines into production generating renewable electricity, which, in turn, used to power SSAB Americas steel operations.

All three companies are working together in an all-Iowa based circular supply chain economy. In addition, Iowa-based businesses are producing good paying jobs with great health benefits, enabling employees to a secure and prosperous life for their families.

“MidAmerican has been a leader in renewable energy for nearly 20 years,” said Kelcey Brown, President & CEO with MidAmerican Energy. “The culmination of that planning is the circular economy – and we are delighted to play a role in creating a sustainable supply chain that will benefit our customers and all of Iowa."

“Iowa has been leading the charge in diversifying our country’s electricity production through renewable wind energy deployment and Arcosa has been right alongside supporting those efforts,” said John Pello, Vice President & General Manager of Arcosa Wind Towers.

“SSAB is proud to tell our portion of the Iowa-based innovation and circular economy story. This unique and innovative business relationship supports the renewable energy portfolio and the diverse economy of Iowa so that all of us can prosper in a more climate friendly and sustainable community,” Schmitt said.

About the partners:

SSAB – The Americas division is the market leader for North American steel plate production and global leader in advanced high strength steels. On the heels of the steel plate mill’s 25th anniversary, SSAB Iowa steel plate mill took one more defining step in our long and rich history of innovation on Jan. 18, by producing zero CO2 emissions steel product solutions for our customers. SSAB Americas is engaged in a science based, data driven approach to identify and reduce emissions at the source.

Arcosa Wind Towers – Arcosa is the market leader in advanced fabrication of energy products. Manufacturing wind towers in Newton, the Wind division supports the fossil free renewable energy supply to the homes, farms and industry in Iowa, and beyond. Since 2009, Arcosa has produced nearly 4,000 wind towers in Newton, and nearly 15,000 across the U.S.

MidAmerican Energy – MidAmerican Energy provides electric and natural gas service to over 1.6 million customers across the Midwest. MidAmerican is committed to environmental responsibility and is playing a leading role in developing sustainable, climate-friendly solutions to meet customers’ energy needs without sacrificing reliability or affordability.

For further information please contact:
Leigh Perry-Herndon, SSAB Americas Communications Director, [email protected], phone: +1 251-377-5438