SSAB has a high focus on human health and the environment. In all our production facilities, we ensure that the environment is up to the highest standard. GreenCoat® and our color coated product portfolio are since several years totally free from hexavalent chromium. All in line with the EU regulation REACH(*). That is not always the
case with low price imports from outside Europe.

“Unfortunately even if hexavalent chromium is carsinogenic and mutagenic, it still may be used in color coates steel production outside of Europe, explains Kaisa Ahvonen, Product Manager Color Coated products, SSAB Europe. “This poses a risk to both people working in production facilities where chromium is used and also to environment.”

On the way to a better future
SSAB has over many years a high focus on human health and the environment.  Investigations into chromate free pre-treatments and primers for all of the company’s coated steel products were initiated already in the 1990s and since several years all our production is in accordance with the REACH directive.

Next in line for SSAB is the goal to be fossil-free by 2045 within the entire operation by stepwise reducing carbon footprint, and a market launch of the first fossil-free steel products in 2026. Already by 2025, continuous improvements and process technology advances will reduce SSAB’s current CO2 emissions by 25% in Sweden. More than our production process, we know our products and offering are also part of the solution.

Currently, the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive 2002/95/EC prohibits the use of hexavalent chromium in coated steel products in the EU. These kind of regulations, however, have not been adopted worldwide. Therefore, many color coted steel products containing chromium may still be found on the market, in workshops as well as in products used by end consumers.

Hexavalent Chromium is considered highly dangerous and harmful to people working in production facilities. EU has classified the chromate containing substances as carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic for reproduction. Human exposure to hexavalent chromium are believed to increase the risk of developing lung cancer, asthma, or damage to the respiratory system and skin. Hexavalent chromium also poses a risk to the environment since it is soluble in water and even a minor scratch can result in its release.

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