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Duroxite® 200 lasts longer in the oil sands industry

September 26, 2022 6 min read

Case details

Product Duroxite® 200
Country Canada
Industry Raw material handling

Case details

Product Duroxite® 200
Country Canada
Industry Raw material handling

The benefits of Duroxite® in mining

Application: Oil sands mining
Equipment: CAT 7495 shovel (49 m3)
Solution: Liner plate in Duroxite® 200
Result: More than twice the service life

Thinner overlay plates give longer service life

In this instance, the CAT 7495 shovel had previously a 12 on 12 mm (1/2" on 1/2") competitor CCO plate which lasted 12,000 hours on the floor and 18,000 hours on the wall in the dipper bowl.

SSAB recommended thinner 10 mm on 10 mm (3/8" on 3/8") Duroxite® 200 plates to be used as the liner for the dipper bowl and door. The new plates were installed in March 2019. UT measurements after 3,500 hours showed no wear on the Duroxite® 200 liner plates.

Service life extensions confirmed

The second field measurement was conducted on May 22, 2020. It showed the average thickness on the floor liner was 18.2 mm (1.8 mm overlay worn), and the average on wall liner was 19.4 mm (0.6 mm overlay worn).

The third measurement was conducted on August 18, 2021, when the CAT 7495 shovel was removed from operation for a preventive maintenance after 12,000 hours, about two years in service. The center floor was worn about 2.4 mm. The left and right floor liners were worn about 2.0 mm. The wall liners were worn about 0.86 mm, and the dipper roof was worn about 0.25 mm.

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