Answers to the most frequently asked questions about fossil-free steel

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What are the technical challenges involved in fossil-free steel? Will there be fossil-free steel for all products? There was tremendous interest and a host of questions when we organized a webinar about fossil-free steel this spring. On September 30, we will therefore be hosting a new webinar, in which we will answer the most frequently asked questions and give you an in-depth look at our journey towards fossil-free steel. Don’t miss it!

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Steel is one of the most important materials in our society, while manufacturing is also one of the biggest sources of carbon dioxide emissions. SSAB wants to change this, and this is why we’re developing a totally fossil-free steel that will be available from 2026.

Now it’s time for the next webinar in our series about fossil-free steel. This time, we’ll be focusing on your questions about SSAB’s transition and taking a more detailed look at the subject of fossil-free steel production.

The questions we’ll be answering in the webinar include:

  • What exactly is the definition of fossil-free steel?
  • Will it be possible to buy fossil-free steel before 2026?
  • What are the technical challenges involved in fossil-free steel?
  • What will fossil-free steel cost?

At the end of the webinar we’ll also have a new Q&A session where you can ask additional questions.

The previous webinar on fossil-free steel can be viewed here, it’s packed with exciting facts about fossil-free steel.


Johan Anderson

Market development, SSAB Special Steels

Johan Anderson is an inquisitive person, which has led him into a range of different management positions in sales, marketing, business development and product selection. Currently he is working with global strategy projects within SSAB.


Thomas Hörnfeldt

Vice President Sustainable Business, SSAB

Thomas has unique insights in how to incorporate sustainability into the business model of the organization. He has an MSc from Stockholm Technical University and an MBA from Uppsala University. He has vast experience in general management & sales, market intelligence as well as sustainability.



Jonas Larsson

Head of Environment, SSAB Sweden

Jonas Larsson is responsible for product-related environmental issues such as life cycle analyses (LCA), environmental product declarations (EPD), as well as environmental goals and follow-up within SSAB. He has worked at SSAB for more than 20 years and also has a degree in mechanical engineering.