How to deal with springback when upgrading to higher strength automotive steel

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Are you facing issues with springback when upgrading to DP or martensitic steel? Do you think the springback you’re experiencing is a function of the stronger steel? Or your forming processes? Or the design of your component? At SSAB, we have worked on springback questions on a daily basis for over 30 years. In this webinar our senior forming specialists Peter Alm and Lars Troive will help clarify the most important and fundamental considerations when planning for springback.

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Peter Alm

Senior Forming Specialist, SSAB Knowledge Service Center

Peter has 25 years of steel-forming experience, including 20 years of performing finite element (FE) analyzes for various forming processes. Peter began his steel career as a tool designer and has been with SSAB for the last 10 years.


Lars Troive

Senior Forming Specialist, SSAB Knowledge Service Center

Lars has been working for SSAB on steel sheet forming challenges for the last 15 years. Previously, Lars has done work as a research-leader within SSAB´s program for strategic steel studies. He has also served as an adjunct professor for industrial graduate programs connected to SSAB.