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Top rails for tipper bodies and containers

Top rails from SSAB Services are specifically engineered to speed the manufacturing of tipper bodies and containers. Our designs are engineer-verified and field-tested, providing you upgraded top rails for lighter, tougher, and more competitive end products. You can also specify custom top rails made from our Strenx® 700 MC, Hardox® wear plate, and other grades of SSAB high-strength steel.

Rolled-formed top rails give you a competitive edge

SSAB’s roll-formed top rails are made of Strenx 700MC D high-strength steel for a high strength-to-weight ratio design that makes for more durable, yet lighter, tippers and containers.

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Prefabricated top rail for tippers and containers

Integrated top rails/sidewalls mean less welding

Get an extremely tough tipper or hook lift container by using our integrated top rail/sidewall solution made from Hardox 500 Tuf wear plate. The SSAB engineer-verified and field-tested integrated top rail/sidewall design offers a stronger, lighter, and higher quality prefabricated solution that also reduces your steel inventory needs and speeds your tipper’s time-to-market. These integrated solutions are ideal for tippers working in tough conditions.

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Integrated top rails/sidewalls for tippers and containers

Custom top rails extend your tipper offerings

Our custom top rails allow you to select from a variety of SSAB steel grades and thicknesses, formed to your specific requirements. One of our most popular tailor-made top rail solutions includes Hardox wear plate for a very robust, yet lightweight design, suitable for heavy-duty operations. These top rails are press braked to shape, allowing for more flexibility in terms of smaller production runs.

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Advantages roll-formed top rails from SSAB Services

A better, faster way to produce top rails

To make its standard top rails, SSAB Services uses a single, in-line roll-forming process that was specifically developed for our high-strength steel. Unlike the traditional bending process – utilizing press brakes – the roll-forming process is continuous and automated, producing top rails with better surface quality and tighter cross-sectional tolerances. SSAB’s standard top rails are available from stock with short lead times.

Speeds up installation of tipper top rails

Our roll-formed top rail in Strenx 700MC is available from stock and is delivered quickly in bundles. With high measurement accuracy and tight tolerances, they make your assembly fast and highly reliable. Our top rails are attached to your sidewalls with two longitudinal welds – no cutting or bending of the sidewall is required. Pre-designed, verified, and fabricated, our top rails save you time, work, and money.

Free up shop capacity and boost competitiveness

With our roll-forming process, SSAB Services offer high-volume and cost-efficient production of tipper top rails, while allowing you to purchase directly from our on-hand inventories. You benefit by freeing up capacity in your workshop, while reducing production time. These advantages, combined with a top rail design that fully utilizes the unique characteristics of our high-strength steel, allow you to provide your customers with an end product that will stand out from the competition.

Advantages of integrated top rails/sidewalls

Integrated design provides a clean, sturdy look

The great bendability of Hardox 500 Tuf wear plate – combined with our unique and highly consistent bending method – provides our integrated top rails/sidewalls with a clean look that is specially designed for optimized tipper containers and hook lift bodies.

Get engineering validation for your top rail innovations

In addition to excellent durability and high strength-to-weight ratio, integrated top rails/sidewalls also eliminate one longitudinal weld compared to a stand-alone top rail. The result is a more consistent product that requires 50% less welding. It also makes both purchasing and inventory simpler since two components are combined into one.

Advantages of custom top rails for tippers

Bring us your unique designs for tipper top rails

We welcome customers’ unique design solutions for tipper top rails. SSAB Services has sophisticated steel processing capabilities, able to deliver almost any custom top rail design, precisely matched to your drawings.

Get engineering validation for your top rail innovations

Maybe your company has a unique design language that is expressed in your tipper bodies/containers? Maybe it requires different steel grades for the tipper top rails and/or sidewalls? Maybe you have new ideas but would like engineering validation of them? SSAB engineers can help bring your breakthrough top rail ideas into serial production.

Why choose prefabricated top rails from SSAB Services?

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For end-users

  • Optimized material means reduced fuel consumption/costs and longer lifetime compared to traditional solutions
  • Durable, robust, and lightweight
  • Geometry reduces dirt pockets
Purchaser in warehouse.

For purchasers

  • Save time and reduce inventory by purchasing prefabricated top rails from SSAB Steel Service Centers
  • Lower your total cost of production
  • Eliminate top rail scrap
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For designers

  • SSAB engineer-verified and field-tested solutions
  • Optimized high-strength steel designs
  • Excellent surface finish
Production manager in workshop.

For production managers

  • Very high cross-sectional (profile) accuracy
  • Free-up workshop capacity
  • Increase production efficiency and throughput

The right steel your tipper’s top rails

Our ready-made top rails are made with Strenx® performance grades, which adds performance beyond ordinary structural steel. Or we can use Hardox® wear plate, the world’s leading abrasion-resistant steel.

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Take advantage of our custom steel services

By combining SSAB premium products and our experience in engineering support and steel processing, you get a service that is hard to match. So ask us about cutting, bending, drilling and machining capabilities. Together we can determine where SSAB offers the best value-added, so you can focus less on issues like steel inventories and more on bringing products to market faster.

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