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Nordec makes and installs structures of SSAB Domex® steel for Finland’s biggest ever bridge

The new Kruunuvuori Bridge currently under construction in Helsinki is set to transform the city and become a new landmark in the Finnish capital. Underpinning it all will be over 3,000 tonnes of SSAB Domex® steel.

When the Kruunuvuori Bridge opens to traffic in 2027, it will be 1,200 meters long, with pylons rising up to 135 meters high, making it both the longest and highest bridge ever built in Finland. It will be visible for miles around, making a permanent impression on the Helsinki skyline, while also connected thousands of new homes to the city center. From the outset, sustainability and enhancing the city’s living standards have been key priorities, and the new bridge will accommodate pedestrians, cyclists and public transport while excluding private cars.

With its airy, minimalist design, the bridge has been developed to have minimal impact on the natural landscape, while still being durable and strong enough to deliver a service life of at least 200 years. This is despite frequent exposure to ice, snow and strong winds. To meet both ambitions, the choice of building materials has been key, especially when it comes to steel.

“The biggest bridge project in Finland is made possible through the great partnership between Nordec and SSAB."

Jaakko Köninki, Commercial Development Manager, Nordec


Finding the right steel for the job

TYL Kruunusillat, the main contractor for the Kruunuvuori Bridge project, assigned Nordec to manufacture and install the bridge’s steel structures.

“Nordec is the leading company in steel frames and bridges, and for over four decades we have been providing cutting-edge steel solutions to the construction industry,” says Jaakko Köninki, Commercial Development Manager, Nordec. “Over the years we have successfully completed numerous landmark projects in the Nordics and Central and Eastern European region. Now, we are providing steel structures to the biggest and largest bridge ever built in Finland.”

For this assignment, it elected to use SSAB Domex® structural steel. “We use Domex 460ML because of its high reliability and high versatility,” says John Sundblom, Project Manager, Nordec.

Nordec began manufacturing the steel structures at its plant in Ylivieska, Finland in March 2022, with installation starting the following July. The installation is expected to be complete in 2024. In total, around 6,300 tonnes of steel structures will be required. SSAB delivered more than 3,000 tonnes of SSAB Domex® steel to these structures.


Committed to sustainability from beginning to end

Throughout the project, minimizing carbon emissions and environmental impact has been a top priority for the project, which has extended to all of its suppliers including Nordec.

"We have not only delivered exceptional steel frames but have also gone above and beyond to minimize the project's environmental impact,” says John Sundblom. “The materials used, the energy-efficient design, and the minimized carbon footprint are just some of the ways we are making a positive impact on the environment."

This was also an important factor in choosing to work with SSAB, whose steel is amongst the cleanest in the industry due to its efficient blast furnace-based production processes. As a result, SSAB’s steel emits around 6% less CO2 than the European average, and as much as 17% less than the Chinese average.

“The biggest bridge project in Finland is made possible through the great partnership between Nordec and SSAB," says Jaakko Köninki. “The Nordec Group sees a lot of improvement and development potential together with SSAB as we are both willing to be the forerunners in the green transition.”

About Nordec

  • Nordec has over 40 years of experience in designing, fabricating, and installing frame structures, and is today the leading provider of frame structures for buildings, facades and steel bridges in the Nordic region.
  • Over 600 employees, present in six countries.
  • Nordec is using more than 3,000 tonnes of SSAB Domex® 460ML steel when building Kruunuvuori Bridge’s structures.

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