Industries Dodec Inc (Dodec) is a Canadian company that specializes in design, engineering, building, fabricating and repairing many kinds of industrial parts and components. Located in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region, approximately 200 km north of Quebec City in Canada, the family company was established in 1975.

The aftermarket has always been an important part of SSAB’s business and this led to the start of the Hardox Wearparts network in the early 2000s. Much of SSAB’s know-how comes from experience gained in the spare parts, repair and maintenance business, where new ideas are born and many new products developed. 

Collaboration with Dodec is an excellent example of how a close partnership and membership in the Hardox Wearparts network can bring benefits to customers.


Dodec knows the area well

Dodec is a mid-sized company with approximately 80 employees. The main customer segments served are aluminum smelters, hydroelectric power stations, construction, mining, hydraulic cylinders, petrochemical (tanks, pressurized vessels and piping), forestry and transport.

Excavator wheel made of Hardox.

“We have a long tradition in the area and the third generation of our family is now working in the company. We have big and small customers. For us, being a Hardox Wearparts center and collaborating with SSAB means new ways to make our customers’ lives even easier. SSAB’s steels allow us to give customers more possibilities to work closer and in more effective ways,” said Marie-Jeanne Bonneau from Dodec.

Industries Dodec really believed in Hardox Wearparts from the very first meeting with SSAB. All of that wonderful work has been accomplished by a hard working team. A special thanks to Marie-Jeanne Bonneau, Jean-Luc Bonneau, Marc Ruelland and Jean-Phillipe Bonneau from Dodec Industries, and SSAB’s Maurice Picard, Technical Director North America, Jannie Chamberland, RSM and Pierre Leclerc, WSE.

“We now have four centers in the Hardox Wearparts network in the Province of Quebec and since we are close to customers, the present situation here is rather good. Altogether there are 13 Canadian centers in the Hardox Wearparts network. 

Hardox Wearparts® focuses on providing a complete solution for customers from quality and well-known steel brands such as Hardox®, Strenx™, Toolox® and Duroxite™ to thousands of wear products, consulting services, in-house production, onsite services and uptime management. SSAB’s business model is built on fostering close, long-term customer relationships. Hardox Wearparts centers are located close to customers all over the world.


Dodec’s machining and welding specialties are jointly applied in design, engineering, repairing, fabricating and assembling components such as:

  • steel structures
  • hydroelectric dam gates and hoisting devices
  • mining process equipment 
  • gears and worm screws 
  • turbine components 
  • gearboxes and speed reducers 
  • crucibles / melting-pot
  • hydraulic cylinders and components 
  • embedded parts 
  • overhead crane and bridge beams
  • pressure vessels and tanks 
  • metal products/working parts
  • lifting and handling equipment 
  • industrial mechanics 
  • mechanically-welded and fabricated parts 
  • stacks and ducts
  • on spot maintenance


Honest and open relationship

“When we joined the Hardox Wearparts network, we had a big seminar in the area and invited more than 70 customer companies from seven different market areas. Around 50 people came and since then we have had lots of good customer meetings. This is one concrete example of our collaboration - and it was only possible together,” continued Marie-Jeanne Bonneau.

Participants from various industry segments attended Dodec’s seminar.

“Giving customers the best possible service is very important for us. Although we have succeeded well in this area over the years, we want to do even better. One way we can achieve this is through the training that Hardox Wearparts and SSAB offers. Over the last 15 months SSAB held 15 different training seminars. Dodec is also the official distributor of Toolox for parts of Quebec. Recently a machining expert from our SSAB R&D facility in Iowa visited Dodec to give Hardox and Toolox machining training to optimize machining speeds and minimize tool wear,” explained Jannie Chamberland

The SSAB Services business unit builds and develops the Hardox Wearparts concept. The Hardox Wearparts network comprises more than 360 member companies globally. These centers provide wear parts and services to end customers in mining, recycling, quarrying, cement and agriculture. The network is growing as planned – in terms of member numbers, geographical reach and business growth. SSAB aims to have more than 500 companies in the network by 2020. 


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