The world’s first fossil-free steel enables us to cut emissions to near zero. Instead of emitting CO2 as part of the process, we end up with water as a by-product.

first delivery of fossil free steel

What is fossil-free steel and why now? Learn more about the biggest game changer in steel industry.

Who says you can’t change a 1000 years long-old tradition? Look here if you want to know how our by-product becomes H2O instead of CO2 in our revolutionary steelmaking process.

Watch our Executive Vice President and CTO, Martin Pei, drink Pure Waste for the first time at COP27.

Get to know our partners – Explore future applications in fossil-free steel
How much will fossil-free steel cost? Answers to this and other big questions can be found here.

The world’s first fossil-free steel was made possible together with our partners and government.

Because collaboration is key when it comes to create real change.