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Medical equipment manufacturer Innovos achieves 100 percent customer satisfaction with Toolox® 33

April 27, 2022 6 min read

Case details

Product Toolox® 33
Country Argentina
Company Innovos
Industry Services

Products made from Toolox® 33 stand out for their resilience and durability. This is why Innovos, a leading Argentine medical equipment producer, has chosen to use this high-quality steel from SSAB.

Founded in 2009 by brothers Gustavo and Andrés Becker, Innovos delivers innovative design and manufacturing solutions to the medical and electronics industries. It specializes in molds for medical products and equipment ranging from preoperative biopsy markers to automatic biopsy guns. The company also designs and develops its own range of semi-acrobatic, radio-controlled aircraft.

Case details

Product Toolox® 33
Country Argentina
Company Innovos
Industry Services

“For Innovos, being competitive is fundamental, so our processes have to be streamlined to the maximum. Using Toolox 33 in the majority of our projects allows us to reduce production times, reduce tool wear and save time in after-treatment.”

- CEO Gustavo Becker

Since early 2018, Innovos has been using SSAB’s Toolox® 33 steel plates supplied via official SSAB reseller Metapol, a collaboration that Gustavo Becker says has delivered a wide range of benefits. Apart from the reliability and professionalism of SSAB and the confidence that came from Metapol expertise and outstanding product support, he also cites the difference Toolox® 33 has made to Innovos’s productivity.

“Earlier, we used other steel plates in the production of plastic injection molds,” he says. “Before we started using Toolox® 33, it was very complicated making these molds, involving different material providers for heat and surface treatment. This was not only time-consuming but required enormous understanding in handling different types of steel. With Toolox® 33 the work became much easier.

”In 2018, Innovos took on a new project to produce plastic injection molds, which required a higher degree of precision for both mold adjustments and finished components. A superior mold-making steel material was needed, and the obvious choice was Toolox® 33.

“A client recommended Metapol to us,” Becker says. “We got in touch and they told us about a new SSAB product called Toolox® 33 and its extraordinary properties. We were excited, and it was the perfect fit for the task. Using Toolox® 33 has allowed us to unify and simplify our processes. Right from the first mold, the results were excellent, and we’ve never looked back.”

As a result, Innovos is able to successfully deliver on its customers’ expectations.

“Reputation is very important,” Becker says. “We want our clients to be 100 percent satisfied with our work and recommend us to others. The reliability of Toolox® 33 enables us to achieve this.

”He adds that the key advantage of Toolox® 33 steel is that it is a superior material with which to work.

“Its resilience and durability allow us to replace conventional mold-making materials, improving performance and unifying everything in a single piece of steel without subsequent heat treatment,” he says. “And it allows for a mirror polishing that is at once extraordinary and effortless, where the purity of the material makes it stand out from its competitors.

“We’ve noticed an improvement in tool durability and have been able to streamline machining by up to 20 percent, reducing manufacturing times. In addition, Toolox 33’s excellent heat resistance has allowed us to accelerate the injection rate, thereby reducing production costs.”

- Becker says

About Innovos

  • Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Innovos has been delivering state-of-the-art equipment with the seal of high-quality Argentine design to the medical and electronics industries since 2010. 
  • The company also designs and manufactures its own products such as the EXO 250, a semi-acrobatic, radio-controlled aircraft
  • Innovos employs five people and has annual revenue of €190,000.

Benefits of using steel from SSAB

Innovos uses Toolox® 33 steel sheets from SSAB in its products. The benefits of using Toolox® 33 steel include:

  • More durable and resilient products
  • Up to 20 percent more streamlined machining
  • Lower manufacturing times
  • Excellent heat resistance, resulting in faster injection rates 
  • Reduced production costs
  • 100 percent customer satisfaction