Strenx® for sprayers

The total length of a sprayer boom can be well over 40 meters. This puts extreme demands on the weight and rigidity of the equipment to keep the boom stable while maintaining the constant distance from the ground.

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In many countries, the size of farms continues to increase. Therefore, many modern-day farmers need sprayer systems with longer boom arms that can cover ever-larger fields in fewer passes. But if the length and weight of the sprayer booms increase, larger support structures might be needed to keep the boom arms from bending and breaking under fatigue and torsional loads. This has sometimes led to bigger, heavier mega machines that make soil compaction worse, increase the number of passes, and slow down productivity – not healthy for profits or the environment.


Strenx® performance steel offers a solution. With this advanced high-strength, high-quality steel you can design sprayer booms that are stronger yet much lighter than what you can with conventional steels. The benefits? Greater reach, fewer passes, potentially less soil compaction, better fuel economy, less maintenance, longer service life, and bigger crop yields. Now that is what we call growing power!


No 1  Strenx® 700 and 960 Tubes, 2–3 mm


no 2  Strenx® 700 and 960 Tubes, 6–8 mm


No 3  Strenx® 700 and 900, 6–10 mm
Sprayer with Strenx® Performance Steel

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Strenx® Tubes for agricultural sprayers
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