Strenx® for plows

Plowing and cultivating in hard soil puts a heavy strain on farming equipment. The high strength of Strenx® performance steel makes plows and cultivators work more effectively.

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The type of plow a farmer chooses mainly depends on the field characteristics, the soil, and the variety of crops produced. However, the type and quality of steel used in plows can make a huge difference when it comes to the machine's reliability, maintenance costs, overall productivity, and even environmental impact.

Strenx® performance steel allows for lighter plows, so they can be made wider and help increase the farmer's productivity. A lower equipment weight can help to minimize soil compaction on crop fields and the resulting environmental degradation. A strong and light plow also requires less fuel than a heavier machine. Typical grades used in plows and cultivators are Strenx® 700 and Strenx® 700 Tubes, which can be used in plow frames, height regulators, and attach points. Contact us to learn why Strenx® in your agricultural equipment is a foundation for successful crop production. You can also use Hardox® wear plate to fight abrasion in other plow components.


No 1  Strenx® 700 Tubes, 6–10 mm


no 2  Strenx® 700, 6–10 mm


No 3  Strenx® 700 Tubes, 6–8 mm


No 4  Strenx® 700, 6–10 mm


No 5  Strenx® 700 Tubes, 6–8 mm


No 6  Strenx® 700, 6–10 mm
Strenx® for plows

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