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Willems Baling Equipment and Galvano push delivery and service relationships with SSAB Laser Plus steel

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Country Netherlands
Company Willems Baling Equipment

The wholesaler and customer service relationship between Willems Baling Equipment and their sheet metal wholesaler, Galvano Metaal, delivers more than steel; their relationship relies on fast and accurate service delivering high quality steel to meet exact specifications, every day. Adding value to the Willems operations is a key part of the wholesale offer and with SSAB Laser Plus steel, Galvano help Willems’ improve operational efficiency, reduce waste, and deliver high quality end products.

Willems baling facility

Case details

Country Netherlands
Company Willems Baling Equipment

Willems Baling Equipment are a global supplier of complete packaging technology solutions offer space-saving packaging for voluminous products. Increased automation of the packaging process means each component, as well as the entire machine needs to be built to exact specifications so the automation process can run smoothly and uninterrupted.

The type of steel that is used in their operations is critical to achieving precision lines and bends in components and absolute reliability with strength and durability.

This is where their steel wholesaler plays a critical role. Galvano Metaal based in Eindhoven in the south of the Netherlands is always looking for ways to improve their customer service while also keeping their own operations running smoothly. Supplying to the six most southern provinces in the Netherlands and Northern Belgium, Galvano is the sole certified partner supplier for SSAB in the region which means they must ensure each customer is stocked with the right product at the exact specification, on time. This is how their relationship with Willems has evolved and come to play a critical role in their production and product innovation.

Innovation and collaboration are driving forces behind Galvano’s business and their relationship with SSAB provides them with the opportunity to offer Willems high quality, premium products that deliver cutting edge precision. The starting point between the wholesaler and the customer has been shifted, with the wholesaler playing a critical role in advising on what steel is the best fit for the job. Mark van der Velden, Sales Representative for Galvano explains:

“We don’t just deliver steel to order, we work with Willems on their specific needs; we go into detail about what they are going to use the steel for, what the end products will look like and how they will need to perform. This gives us the critical information we need to advise them on the exact sheet metal they need, down to the exact tolerances and quality.

“Many of our laser company customers have been fixed on the buying price being the most important factor, but this is no longer the case. Willems need to make consistent and precise cutting and perform complex and multiple bending on components, and SSAB Laser Plus guarantees this continuity, over and over again.

“By working with Willems to use SSAB Laser Plus we can deliver to them the specific steel weight and quality that will work best for each end product, and they know that each sheet will seamlessly work with their laser cutting machines without compromising quality. This means there are no lost working hours on manually adjusting machines for each new sheet of steel, or waste from end products that have been compromised; meaning the higher buying price of SSAB Laser Plus makes more business sense.”


Removing the barrier between supplier and end user makes good business sense for everyone

Mark van der Velden

Laser cutting has delivered huge benefits to the production of steel components and these benefits are magnified when a precision steel is the first choice. For wholesalers like Galvano, delivering added value and innovation to Willems’ businesses is made easy with SSAB Laser Plus steel. Mark van der Velden continues:

“Willems want to continually push boundaries, but they also need a product they can trust and rely on. SSAB Laser Plus means they can keep waste to an absolute minimum and produce complex components without slowing down production.

“It starts with the nesting of each sheet. With SSAB Laser Plus, cutting can be done both horizontally and vertically, reducing waste by about 10-15 percent. Also, with standard steel there needs to be a gap between each cut, but with SSAB Laser Plus there can be shared cutting lines. These two factors mean the final nesting of the sheet is configured so steel waste is minimal. It is these details that make the difference to the final cost – so Willems see the true cost of production is made better even though the initial buying price is higher.”

In a highly competitive and often fluctuating market, wholesalers need to be able to hold inventory and be ready to deliver to customers at short notice. But they also need to trust that any stock they have is going to be to the exact same high standards day after day, week after week, month after month.

Willems use Galvano’s next-day delivery service by placing orders before 8:00pm the night before, so they don’t need to hold large volumes of inventory. This service works is critical to meeting their business deadlines and also for Galvano to deliver their service promise. But this is only part of a bigger offer says Mark van der Velden:

“We know Willems are part of demanding supply chains, and particularly now they need to be agile. If they get an order for one piece of equipment, or hundreds, they need to rely on us to deliver. This not only saves them money by not holding excessive stock, but it also means we can meet the exact needs each time. This is where our partnership with SSAB is important, we rely on their products, so we pass on that reliability to our customers.

“But it is the partnership and collaborative working that gives a unique competitive edge. If a Willems has a particular challenge, a new product or assignment, SSAB join us to find a solution. Their knowledge of metallurgy as well as expertise in matching steel to individual products bridges the gap between the buyer or decision makers and the machine operators.

“Removing the barrier between supplier and end user makes good business sense for everyone. Looking at the complete business case and overall cost of production, instead of just the purchase price, shows that investing in a premium product like SSAB Laser Plus makes economical and quality sense.”