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Spanish Lasercor has zero material rejections with SSAB Laser®

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Case details

Country Spain
Company Lasercor
Industry Industrial production products

Situated just outside Madrid, Spain, Lasercor has been making structural metal pieces for the agricultural, automotive, construction and transport industries since 2000. As a subcontractor to manufacturing companies across these segments, it uses SSAB’s Laser®-grade steel to fulfill its customers’ tough requirements.

Case details

Country Spain
Company Lasercor
Industry Industrial production products

“At Lasercor, we develop solutions for all sectors and companies, from small parts for the automotive industry to major applications for construction, infrastructure and renewable energy projects. We are convinced quality is the key to success, so we use materials from SSAB whenever one of our customers needs something made of steel,” explains Julián Jiménez Barroso, manager at Lasercor.

Lasercor does not have a fixed suite of products or metal grades. Instead, they produce custom-made pieces in accordance with the requirements of each customer application. What every project has in common is that SSAB steel is used as a mark of guaranteed quality and reliability.

Success depends on material choice

Founded in 2000, Lasercor started out with four employees and a team of 2D laser cutters in a 400 square-metre warehouse. In 2003, the company expanded to include bending metal services. Two years later, its facility had grown to 3,300 square metres and pipe laser cutting was added to the service offering.

“This was when we realized we needed to take the next step in our quality journey, so we contacted SSAB. Success in our market depends on several factors, but one of the most important is material choice. Thanks to SSAB, we have the right steel to go to market with all the guarantees that come with the SSAB brand,” continues Jiménez.

Since incorporating SSAB Laser® grades into its production, Lasercor has benefited from the advantages that this advanced structural, high strength cold-forming steel offers in comparison with other materials. Between the tolerances for SSAB’s cold rolled sheet steel and its guaranteed flatness – both before and after laser cutting – SSAB Laser® has enabled Lasercor to set a new standard for performance in its automated processes.

“Our laser machines enable us to optimize our production flow with no faults and with a higher number of ready pieces at the end of the day, which is always our goal, every day. Investing in a premium product like SSAB Laser® makes sense both in terms of economy and quality,” Jiménez says.

Julián Jiménez Barroso, manager at Lasercor

Julián Jiménez Barroso, manager at Lasercor.

“Investing in a premium product like SSAB Laser® makes sense both in terms of economy and quality.”

Julián Jiménez Barroso

SSAB Laser® increases output by up to 12 percent

The numbers speak for themselves: using SSAB Laser®, Lasercor can produce between 10 and 12 percent more pieces compared to if they would use a competitor material. Moreover, the company, which used to have to reject between five and ten percent of all pieces due to material flaws, has registered zero rejections using materials from SSAB.

“What enables Lasercor to raise its productivity is the repetitive quality of the SSAB Laser® sheet steel,” explains Jose Maria Prada Rodenas, the SSAB Regional Sales Manager. “Since SSAB always guarantees the exact same thickness and flatness, our customers can rest assured that their material will always behave the same way during laser cutting, bending, welding, machining, and so on.”

SSAB and Lasercor regularly visit customers together

For Julián Jiménez Barroso, working with SSAB is like a partnership: “SSAB provides the raw material, we do the post processing, and, together, we deliver the best quality product to our customers across the Spanish market and abroad,” he says, adding that SSAB and Lasercor regularly visit customers together to present their joint offering.

“SSAB is very well known, the name comes with certain guarantees,” continues Jiménez. “When you tell a customer you are bringing them material from SSAB, they know it is good. So between the SSAB material and our specialist expertise, we feel confident they are happy to have Lasercor as a supplier.”

About Lasercor

  • Lasercor is a subcontractor based in Torrejón de Ardoz, to the northeast of the Spanish capital, Madrid, that delivers metal pieces to the agricultural, automotive, construction and transport industries
  • The company was founded in 2000 by Julián Jiménez Candado, together with his two sons, Julian Jiménez Barroso and Miguel Jiménez Barroso.
  • Delivers top-of-the-range metal pieces to customers across Spain and abroad.
  • Started using SSAB Laser® grades in 2005 after adding pipe laser cutting to its service offering.

SSAB steel used in Lasercor products

Lasercor uses SSAB Laser® DC03, SSAB Laser® 275C and SSAB Laser®, as well as Strenx®, Hardox®, Docol® throughout its range.