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Waste containers by Shirakawa Tekko in Hardox® HiAce cut waste

September 07, 2022 6 min read

Deep blue truck body made in Hardox® Hi Ace steel for corrosive environments.

Case details

Product Hardox® HiAce
Country Japan
Company Shirakawa Tekko
Industry Recycling

35% less weight. 50% less welding. And containers that can last 2.7 times longer. That’s what Shirakawa Tekko got when they started building waste containers in corrosion-fighting Hardox® HiAce steel.

Case details

Product Hardox® HiAce
Country Japan
Company Shirakawa Tekko
Industry Recycling


  • Steel specially designed to withstand corrosive, highly acidic environments

  • Uses thinner steel plate to lower equipment weight by 35% while maintaining strength
  • Gets more payload when fully loaded

  • When travelling empty, trucks save on fuel and CO2 emissions

  • Need for stiffeners eliminated, maintains strength and outperforms stainless steel  

A deep blue dump truck body with the Hardox® In My Body sign of quality on it.
 A truck made in acid-fighting steel Hardox® HiAce, about to be loaded.

How to cut weight – and waste – in waste containers

Shirakawa Tekko, one of the biggest hooklift container manufacturers in Japan, had been using Hardox® steel for 10 years. But when they heard about Hardox® HiAce, a steel specially developed to fight corrosion in acidic environments, they wanted a closer look.

Hardox® HiAce has helped the company transition away from heavy stainless steel to a lighter container with thinner steel plates of Hardox® HiAce, saving up to 35% in weight. Thinner plates mean more payload when fully loaded. And when traveling empty, a lighter-weight truck saves on fuel and reduces CO2 emissions.

Lighter equipment that takes more payload

“We try to use Hardox® HiAce instead of SUS304 stainless steel as much as possible,” says Keita Shirakawa, Sales Director of Shirakawa Tekko Corp. “The stainless steel needs a lot of stiffeners and a thicker material to retain the strength of the container. Designing it with Hardox® HiAce makes it stronger even with thinner plate. Instead of 5 mm (0.197”) stainless steel in the container floor, we use the 3 mm (0.118”) Hardox® HiAce developmental grade. Our customers get a lighter container that can hold up to 35% or almost one tonne (1.1 tons) more sludge, fly ash or any other corrosive load.” 

Deep red waste truck with the Hardox® Hi Ace logo.

Applications where acid strikes

Transporting municipal waste in garbage trucks or containers is a common application where acids meet steel under abrasive conditions. The waste creates a low pH environment which accelerates wear. Hardox® HiAce is designed with properties that fight these corrosive wear conditions, providing extended service life. Acidic conditions with low pH levels are also present in many other industries, such as recycling facilities, waste-to-energy plants, pulp and paper mills, iron ore and potash mining, agriculture and process industries. Salt, sulfates, ammonium and chlorides are some of the chemicals responsible for creating an acidic environment. Hardox® HiAce is made to withstand all of these challenges.

Graphic of a shield with checkmark

“Hardox® HiAce can last up to 2.7 times longer”

“When oxidation is present, different wear mechanisms kick in,” explains Jonas Allebert, SSAB wear technology specialist. “The acidity oxidizes the steel’s surface, making it more prone to abrasive and pitting wear. Hardox® HiAce drastically slows down this oxidation process, allowing the full hardness of the material to counteract wear. In low pH environments, our tests show that the service life is up to 2.7 times greater compared to ordinary 450 HBW steel.”

Other testing by SSAB indicates that Hardox® HiAce can outperform ordinary stainless steel, such as SS304, by almost 20%.  
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Saves time and resources in the workshop

Shirakawa Tekko calculates that the switch to Hardox® HiAce has improved overall production efficiency by 10% compared to using stainless steel. When it comes to welding specifically, it can reduce the welding required by as much as 50%.

Graphic of a thermometer

Hardox® In My Body membership boosts customer trust

Hardox® is a well-known, respected wear steel brand in Japan. As a qualified member of the Hardox® In My Body program, Shirakawa Tekko gains a market advantage as a supplier of high-performing equipment that its customers can trust. They design and manufacture their containers in close partnership with SSAB, which helps them speed up their processes and ensure the steel is used to its full potential.

Where there’s wear, there’s Hardox®

Deep red waste truck with body made in corrosion-fighting steel Hardox® Hi Ace.

Hardox® HiAce fights corrosive wear

Hardox® HiAce meets the challenges of corrosive wear in municipal and industrial waste management, waste-to-energy plants, in mining and in other industries with acidic environments.

A road train with white-painted bodies made in strong and tough Hardox® wear plate.

Bruce Rock Engineering fights corrosive wear

When BRE got wind of the new wear steel for corrosive environments, the Australian company saw the potential and ordered the wear steel straight from the mill to start manufacturing its first trailers in Hardox® HiAce.

A mining truck with body made in Hardox® wear plate for extra abrasion resistance in tough conditions.

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