40 years of global testing in the harshest weather conditions

All GreenCoat® products are extensively tested to UV stability and corrosion resistance in real outdoor conditions. All products come with an extensive performance and finish guarantee. This ensures against corrosion such as rust and white rust as well as fading and other flaws in the finish.

GreenCoat® guarantees are based on over 40 years of experience at SSAB’s accredited outdoor testing sites. Located on the west coast of Sweden and in Florida, over 10,000 panels of GreenCoat® colorcoated steel have been exposed year-round to harsh climates and conditions including saltwater, snow, ice, rain, UV radiation, high humidity, wind and storms.

In addition, GreenCoat® is also undergoing testing in places like Arizona, the West Indies, China, Australia as well as on the coast of France.

GreenCoat® products are developed with quality and environmental consideration as constant driving forces. With our well-equipped laboratories, we ensure our leading position as a quality producer of color coated steel. We are also closely cooperating with leading universities and institutes to further strengthen our front line position of quality products and sustainable coating systems. 

Demands and testing methods are in accordance with European standard EN 10 169 + A1. Tests of the steel material is carried out in order to document its mechanical properties. In our quality controls,we follow national and international standards and approvals.

SSAB has been certified as evidence that the company works with a quality system that is in line with standard ISO 9001. 

GreenCoat testing

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